What we're about

This is an in-person discussion group for anyone interested in personal growth and well-being.

Each meeting has a theme. It can be fitness, nutrition, personal finance, happiness, leadership, confidence, public speaking, etc. In each meeting we ask questions, and share advices/personal experiences/opinions of topics belonging to that chosen theme.

GoAndRun.com (http://www.goAndRun.com) has a collection of good personal growth articles, and is a good start point.

For the discussion, we will be adopting the Lean Coffee (http://leancoffee.org/) style.

How it Works

• Setup a Personal Kanban

• Identify what you want to talk about

• Vote & discuss


• Select a theme before meeting.

• Each member writes topics onto notecards (one topic per card).

• Set up a Kanban board with three columns: TODO, DOING, DONE.

• Each participant quickly introduces her/his topics, sharing a sentence or two describing the idea on each card.

• Vote. Each participant gets three votes.

• Rank the topics by votes, and move the top 6 item into the TODO column.

• Pick top one, move to DOING column and discuss. Time 8 mins.

• When it timeouts, move the card to the DONE column.

• Promote the next highest card over from TODO into DOING and repeat the process.

• Taking a photo of the board at the end.

Past events (3)

Theme: Self-Discovery

Needs a location

Theme: Personal Finance

Needs a location

Kickoff Meeting! Theme: Personal Growth

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