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A meetup for board games and game of thrones fans. Board games will be played till ~ 8:30PM at which point we will play season 4 of game of thrones. It will be featured on a 70" screen with 5.1 surround and a theater-quality sub-woofer.

I only have enough seats at my place for 18 people, any extra people would have to sit on the floor to watch the show. I had 65 people over for the final episode of breaking bad, and this meant that a majority of people had to sit on the floor, and it was still awesome.


Click here for reasonably priced restaurants in the area. (


DO NOT PARK ON THE STREETS, you will be ticketed! The only exceptions are these locations:

Click here for a map of the available parking in the area. (

Green: No time limit. (Park here if arriving before 6).

Pink: 2 hour parking till 8, then unlimited parking afterwards. (Park here if arriving at or after 6).

Purple: Free after 8PM, $1 per hour till 8:00. (Park here if arriving after 8, or if you want to arrive before 8 and pay to park closer).

The above is only a guide. MAKE SURE THE SIGNS DON'T SAY SOMETHING like "permit #32 exempted", if it does you will be ticketed. Stuff like "street cleanup" still applies!


Call or text me at[masked] for updates. But please don't ask me about parking, as you can see from the map it's fairly complicated and it's impossible to explain while I'm hosting events.

"Digital Key":

For those who own an iphone or android device, are tech savvy, and want to be able to buzz themselves into the building. I recommend this for any regulars to my meetups.

Click for instructions: (

The password to the "KnocKKnock" wifi is: pleaseletmein (all lowercase, no spaces)