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Sushi, sake and a Hoegee... campground!

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We're hooking up with other groups for an overnight hike, camp, PARTY in the forrest and culinary experience unlike any other!

Sushi, sake AND a Hoegee... Hoegee campground that is. ;)

Camping at Hogee is free. If you'd like to chip in for the sushi n sake, please email Jeven who has graciously offered up his Ginsu 2000 expert knife and sushi skillz to make the sushi experience possible. HE is planning on rolling the sushi right at the campsite, rice, sashimi, the whole 9 yards! Contact HIM directly for more details...

- Dogs, totally encouraged! "Cookie" needs another dog to play with.

- Age limit, please be 21+

- Grumpy people who complain about loud parties, NEGATORY

- Speedstick anti perspirant, YES

- Long skewers or forks for roasting marshmellow's, YES

- BRING CHOCOLATE, Graham Crackers and marshmellows... YES

- Steve "Mr. Funnyman with knee jerking stories about pig farms", ABSOLUTELY!!!

- Matty P., make sure you feed the cats ahead of time!

- Trevor and his Australian Hostel stories, YES.. Aussie accent optional

- Kim C., and his million survival kit accessories, who better than YOU to rescue us all?!

- Asia and her life saving marshmellows n chocolate, PLEASE tell me you're gonna be there by accident again with your boyfriend who carried EVERYTHING for you last time.

- Sung/Sam and his trail rebuilding contribution, YES

- Earplugs for the snoring people, YES

- duct tape for the people who are snoring, YES

- Rocks to hold down the bodies of the people snoring after we duct tape them, let's not go there... hopefully they'll just wake up when we throw a bucket of cold water on them!

The Plan:

Meet at the trailhead between 5:30-6pm. We start the hike on the Lower Winter Creek Trail right at 6pm. It takes 1.5 hours to hike to Hoegee... 2 miles total. This is a beginner level hike, with some intermediate parts and a few stream crossings over boulders set in only 2-4" of water. Bring wool socks to stay dry and shoes / beach shoes you don't mind getting wet if you'd rather just walk through the water.

Friday night, set up camp and PARTY like rockstars!!!

Saturday morning about 10am we head out via the Upper Winter Creek Trail, 3 miles back to the cars. You can wear regular tennis shoes and you'll be fine. No stream crossing on the way out. First part of the Upper Winter Creek Trail is about 2 football fields of moderate incline, then levels off for the next 2 miles.

The total loop from parking lot to Hoegee and around to the parking lot again is approximately 5 miles.

What to Bring:

- Toliet Paper & Seat Covers (there are vault toilets at the camp site, or you can visit a nearby bush)
- Lightweight tent (try to share a 2 man tent, network so you can buddy up)
- Sleeping bag rated at 40 degrees to 20 degrees so you'll stay warm
- Backpacking pack to haul your tent, sleeping bag, change of clothes and your food
- Dress in layers, and avoid cotton. It’ll be cold in the 50's at night and in the morning

- Flashlight or a Headlamp
- Utensils to eat with, bowl/plate, napkins, foldable cup or a thermos with a cup
- Trash bags for your trash!! There are NO trashcans on site. You pack out what you brought in.
- at least a couple litre bottles of water and/or bring a water filter if you have one.
- bring food that doesn't need to be refridgerated for breakfast. If you're not participating in the sushi on Friday night, I highly recommend Top Ramen, power bars, food in pouches like Starkist Tuna, Peanut butter, etc. Avoid packaging/plastic/tin cans if you can, because you'll only have to carry that back to the car.
- Glow Sticks!!!
- I'm not checking what's in your water bottles, but try to be responsible with what you bring.

Can not stress this part enough... If you have a heavy duty foldable Saw, Axe, or Makita battery powered saw, BRING IT!!! We broke 2 knives and 1 saw so far on the last 2 trips, so bring something STRONG!!! There's lots of fallen logs that we want to cut up for firewood.

Driving Directions:
For your GPS, enter the address below, but note that you'll still need to continue up the road till you get to the parking lot:
4000 N. Santa Anita Road

Sierra Madre, CA

From the Foothill Freeway (I-210) take the Santa Anita Avenue exit north. Follow Santa Anita Ave. through the residential neighborhood until it ends at the foot of the mountains. Pass the yellow pipe gate and continue 3 miles (4.8 km) into the mountains to the end of Santa Anita Canyon Road.

Carpooling: The event is on July 1st, so that gives you enough time to hang out and get to know each other ahead of time! Try to get rides and network with each other to save parking spaces in the lot, and try to ride with people you already know.

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