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    Happy to be social and enjoy active adventures! I love outdoors and music events.
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    Hello everyone
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    Time on the trail is never a FAIL.
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    Since one can never get enough hiking in the So Cal area, I'm am reaching out to sign up for more opportunities. With the inspiration provided by Gern and his survival skills, how can one not want to hook up with this group!
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    Enjoying unforgettable adventures and meeting fun people!!
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    Hi, I'm a member of several hiking groups. Some friends from another group told me about this one, so I decided to check it out. I am interested in exploring more trails and making new friends.
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    cuz my therapist said to
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    LOVE hiking, nature and photography... what can be better than THAT???
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    Hello! We are one of the largest clubs with over 25,000 members. I am also passionate about Socially Responsible Investing.