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What we’re about

The Sapphire Hearts community is about connecting with other aspects of you, people… Yah I said it, people! Read it and weep my introverted other selves, ha ha. You can read whatever you want about spirituality and you could be an alchemist level 3000, but that is meaningless without trying the things you have learned in this reality with the greatest reflections of yourself, others! So come on over Red Rover, and let’s connect and experiment with finding balance with our hearts, minds, and spirits through the spiritual application our experiences as sapphires teach us.

Hi, I am Blake. I am one of the voices hosting a safe space for this community. In this group, I invite you to partake in our open forum conversations as a child would with open arms and an adventurous heart without expectations. Our conversations will be around channeling and growth, intuition growth, sound healing meditations, stones, gems, and everyday application, meditating from the heart, and much more to open your awareness to some of these magical, easily accessible tools to help you continue to move forward on your path of self-love and the rewards that brings.

So, I would say, grab some tea or a coffee, maybe even a drum and a blanket if you are like me, and let’s explore the spiritual path together.

This community is sponsored by Sapphire in Focus. Sapphire in Focus is about bringing you back into balance with your mind, body, spirit so you can have the opportunity to fully embrace the happiness you have limited for yourself, and to refocus your life through guidance from your heart.

So, wherever you’ve been or whatever you believe, you are welcome to sit with me. Together, let’s explore the questions of your existence, remove the blocks to love, and welcome you back to your authentic self with love and light.

At Sapphire in Focus, Blake offers sessions in QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique), Own your Meditation, Conversations with the Heart, and Tarot Life Coaching. Check out my website at for more details and me on Instagram at

Come as a child. Embrace opinions and differences as they resonate or not. You get to choose, but know that people have different views. So come as a child would, to be accepting and ready to receive people as they are even if you don’t agree. Have an open mind. It’s a big world out there and you are here for a reason.

Please be mindful of anything too sexual, violent, controversial, or political in the chat rooms. The views of those in the chat rooms is not the sole perspective of Sapphire Hearts community or Sapphire in Focus. Know that sometimes people might say things that are controversial. Sharing our journeys and experiences to help uplift others is the only goal of the Sapphire hearts community.

If something doesn’t resonate with you, please leave it behind, set a boundary, or remember that you can always walk away from the conversation. Temet Nosce, “Know thyself…,” before letting someone tell you what or who you are and how you should carry yourself. No one can love you and honor you as well as you can. Follow your own guidance first and foremost.

I am not a therapist, a doctor, or a medical professional, meaning, I am not here to cure, diagnose, or provide any sort of actual medical recommendations. Please see a medical provider or mental healthcare professional if you feel the need.