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Founded in 2012, SAS for Women is entirely dedicated to helping women navigate the unexpected challenges they face when considering, coping with, or recovering from separation and divorce. We educate, coach, and empower women to take control of their lives so they move forward with grace, integrity and clarity.

Stay tuned for events, workshops, and free call-ins designed to educate you on your options.

Should you be in need of specific information & next steps RIGHT NOW, visit our FREE education-rich website with more than 200 articles dedicated to the divorce journey for women:


Or consider receiving our FREE (& discreet) coaching lette (http://sasforwomen.com/free-newsletter/)r that comes once a week to your inbox.

Or contact us directly for your free 15 minute consultation (https://sasforwomen.as.me/?appointmentType=12273718) focused on your story, your specifics, and resources for YOUR next steps.

And finally, if you are looking for a powerful group coaching experience, you may wish to consider our Annie's Group (https://sasforwomen.com/divorce-support-groups/annies-group-2/) or Paloma's Group. (https://sasforwomen.com/divorce-support-groups/palomas-group/) While not free, these LIVE virtual group classes provide sisterly support at the same time you learn critical tactical and heart healing information. You begin to take the appropriate steps that are right for you as you feel anchored and supported.

Thank you for visiting our page. Life may not be easy for you right now. But more than ever before, there are resources out there. (Just check out all the flavors of other Meet Up groups for divorce!) Many of these resources will lessen your isolation and alleviate your feeling "crazy and alone."

You are not.


Liza Caldwell, Cofounder of SAS for Women

A recent word of praise from one of our anonymous participants, living in California ...

I actually feel better with this group — knowing I'm not alone, knowing that there are people who are like me and that there is a forum with Kim and Liza moderating it, talking about divorce and getting through it. You know there are wedding planning books for your big day, and people talk about it galore. But DIVORCE is so like a foreign country. Everyone's experience is different and figuring everything out is a lot. So I was searching, I wanted to find something that really spoke to me, that supported me, that had good solid info and wasn't just man-bashing. Your (SAS's) website (http://sasforwomen.com) is like that, classy and clean, your advice is on the mark.

~ Dr. M.

For more on what other women have to say, visit our Praise page (http://sasforwomen.com/praise/).

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