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What we’re about

This group is for 55+ solo female travelers who don’t want to wait on their friends to finally say “yes” to travel. Life is too short and the world is so big!

The trips in this group are usually 90% solo female travelers in their 50s - 60s. So let’s travel together with fun, like-minded travelers! If you have an open mind and are kind to fellow travelers; you will fit in perfectly on these trips!

If you’d like to host a meetup in your area (i.e. a dinner or brunch or any other activity), feel free to let us know and we’ll help you get it set up in the group!

Note: The people on these trips are from all over the States, but you’ll always be connected with people from the same city on a trip so you can meet up face to face and get to know your future travel partners prior to the trip. You’ll also be connected to the whole group via email and WhatsApp prior to the trip so you can virtually get to know those that are from different areas. On average, the people on each trip are 90% solo female travelers, but there are sometimes the occasional under 55 traveler, couple or solo male traveler. Please understand that it’s hard to predict the exact demographic for each trip.

Feel free to join the Facebook Travel Forum to connect with past travelers on these trips, see pictures, ask questions, funny travel memes, travel related articles, etc. :

The trips in this group are put on by a completely female-owned and operated tour company called Globe Drifters and they focus on small group trips geared towards solo travelers with the mission of giving new meaning to travel by putting the human experience at the heart of their trips. The groups are small with 10-12 people maximum per trip and about 90% of everyone on each trip are solo female travelers so you’re not stuck being the odd man out on trips with mostly couples. You’ll have the best of both worlds; solo travel with the security of a small group of other solo travelers for some company on your adventure! To contact Globe Drifters directly, you can email

COVID UPDATE: If we cancel your trip prior to departure in the event of a COVID-19-related reason, a full refund will be made.