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Bay Area ANAR DANA Friday Cultural Evenings - Arab Music and Orientalism

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Sponsored by Helene Eriksen & ANAR

A special feature of our Bay Area ANAR DANA Project will be our Friday Cultural Evening Series. Each Friday before our training weekend we have a potluck and look at films, photos, costumes, listen to music, discuss history, ethnography and politics of one of the regions from our project. We've been doing this in Seattle this year and the evenings have been wonderful community events!

These evenings are open to everyone!

Suggested donation is $10 for ANAR DANA members and $15 for the general public and goes towards new costumes for the ensemble.

Our first Cultural Evening will be Friday, April 27th, 2012 at Amanda's house in the South Bay. The focus of this evening the Turkish Roma (Gypsies) and the Spring celebration of Hıdrellez. On May 5th Roma celebrate the coming of Spring with feasting, music and dance and by jumping over bonfires. More info on Hıdrellez here ( Please feel free to pass this on and invite your friends. If you can, bring something for the potluck that fits the evening's theme.

Please email Amanda to reserve your space and get the address and directions!

Also, this will the the very last chance to join the ANAR DANA training project for this cycle. We still have a few if you would like to join a wonderful group of women on an incredible year-long adventure, make sure to get in touch with Amanda.
Best regards! Helene (

Complete list of Cultural Evenings is:
1) April 27, 2012 Turkish Roma 2) June 22, 2012, Morocco 3) Sept. 28, 2012 Hungarian Roma 4) Nov. 9, 2012 Arab Music & Orientalism 5) Dec. 7, 2012 Afghanistan 6) Feb. 22, 2013 Armenia 7) March 22, 2013 Kurdistan