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Savannah will be hosting group meditations/visualizations and channelings as guided by her personal guidance team, the archangels, the ascended masters and any interdimensional/celestial being/group that wishes to share a message.

Most of these events are focused on self mastery and owning your creator self. The guides whom are channeled provide guidance on how to transform yourself and your reality. Frequency infusions may be given to enhance your journey, healing, awareness or whatever is beneficial for your evolution. Meditations are also provided as part of the channeling experience to deepen the integration of the frequencies and to open yourself to more synchronicity and awareness.

For a full list of services that Savannah offers, please visit http://www.savannahcrownover.com

About Savannah Crownover and the Frequency Infusions:

Savannah specializes in frequency infusions from the Galactic Federation and the Archangels.

The infusions from the Galactic Federation and Archangels are a blast of extremely high frequency that is put directly into your physical body. It expands the amount of energy that you currently hold physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and psychically. The high frequency infusion also rapidly expands the amount of light that your body holds to maintain a higher vibration.

These high frequency infusions work opposite of what many are familiar with. Instead of integrating through your spiritual body down to your physical body, these infusions are blasted directly into the physical and permeate upward and out.

These infusions by-pass the ego creating rapid and immediate transformation from within. These infusions allow you to release your fears, helping you to be free and see beyond the illusion of 3D programming. They help you to own your light and be the beautiful creator being that you are.

Even though each infusion is unique, all can expect these infusions to enhance communications with light beings and allow for a change in your perception, bringing more awareness into your reality.

To learn more about Savannah's services or to book your Frequency Infusion/Reading please visit: http://www.savannahcrownover.com

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