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What we’re about

If you love everything Scala and Functional Programming related then this meet-up is for you⭐️

Organized by Signify Technology, we are the Scala Recruitment Specialists, our aim with Scala in the City is to provide a platform where all you passionate developers can learn, share knowledge and network on a global scale🌍

Looking to discuss the newest technologies and releases? Then check-in when our next event is, as it is sure to be on the agenda and you'll hear from industry contributors🤩

You'll have the chance to ask any of those FP questions that have been niggling at you so whether our next event is virtual or in-person, come along and be part of the awesome community.

If you haven't already guessed, we are extremely passionate about helping the Scala community grow and giving everyone opportunities to develop. So, if you are interested in talking at any of our events, hosting an event or if you would like to chat, reach out👇
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Code of Conduct
To ensure that our values, and the principles we believe in, are implemented every day, we run our events by a code of conduct. That code is a promise and a guarantee that everyone at our events will be met with a safe environment where knowledge, skills and connections can grow. Our commitment to the highest standards is what allows us to create such special and unique events that gather the very best minds globally. 

Who’s it for?
In short, everyone. There are no exceptions as seniority and experience, for once, count for nothing. We expect all attendees, speakers, and sponsors to abide by our code of conduct. 

What is the code?
We stand for inclusivity, equal opportunities and safety for all. Regardless of your race, gender, sexuality, background, disability, faith or age, we are open-armed to all. Our code is built on the fundamental human rights of each individual. 

We aim to provide a space in which every person, across locations, skill levels and seniority, belongs. Our events are welcoming, open and hospitable. 

Disrespectful behaviour shown to attendees, speakers or organisers will not be tolerated. Any harassment, aggression, sexism, racism, microaggression, discrimination, hate or exploitation, of any form, will be swiftly expelled from our events, including all future events. 

We act with integrity and trust in all things. No matter or issue is too small and every voice is heard, listened to and action is always taken. 

We operate in friendliness and act out of respect. We promise to take measures to safeguard our community, do the utmost to protect all members and moderate our events.

We stand in solidarity.