Michael Pilquist - From Simulacrum to Typeclassic


Simulacrum simplifies development of type class libraries. It is used in a number of open source libraries, including Cats. In this talk, we’ll tour the features of Simulacrum, and look at the forthcoming Typeclassic project, which merges Simulacrum with complementary projects like machinist and export-hook.

About the Speaker:
Michael Pilquist is the author of Scodec, a suite of open source Scala libraries for working with binary data, and Simulacrum, a library that simplifies working with type classes. He is also a committer on a number of other projects in the Scala ecosystem, including Cats and FS2. He is also the chief software architect at Combined Conditional Access Development (CCAD), a joint venture between Comcast and ARRIS, Inc., where he is responsible for the design and development of control systems that manage tens of millions of cable system devices, including set-top boxes and head-end equipment.