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Erik Osheim discusses type classes

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Erik Osheim, of Azavea, will be discussing Scala type classes.

This meeting will be held simultaneously with the meetings of up to three other Philadelphia tech users groups. We'll all be meeting on the 16th floor of the Philadelphia Municipal Services Building, at 1417 JFK Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA.

Food will be provided, and there will be time afterward to socialize and network with the attendees of all the meetings.

The meetup is scheduled for 5:30pm through 8:30pm, but, to allow time to schmooze, Erik's talk will begin at 6:00pm.

I'd also like to set aside some time (15 minutes, tops) for some administrivia, including:

Upcoming meeting topics and suggested speakers A possible recurring meeting date and time (e.g., third Wednesday of every month, or some such) Other concerns

1417 John F Kennedy Boulevard · Philadelphia, PA