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Algebraic Data Types and Typeclasses

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codecentric AG

Kölner Landstraße 11 · 40591 Düsseldorf

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Durch einen der beiden Haupteingänge in die große Halle im Provinzialforum gehen und dort den Aufzug in den 3. Stock nehmen. Über die Seiteneingänge kommt man nicht rein!



Algebraic Data Types (ADTs) and Type Classes are terms that Scala developers will come across frequently and can cause some headache for beginners. In this talk, Jan will give an introduction to both. We will explore how thinking in ADTs can guide you in modeling your domain and how they are represented in Scala. We will then deep dive into type classes, find out about the advantages of using them, see how we can add functionality to our data types and learn how to implement them in Scala.

The talk may be given in English if there are non-German speakers.

Bonus: There will be Typelevel stickers I brought from the conference :-)

About the author:

Jan Schulte is a Scala Consultant and founder of ( Currently he works as Scala Lead at Douglas. He has been working with Scala for three years and interested in functional and logic programming.