Functional Domain Modeling with Effects by Debasish Ghosh

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Hi Scalators,

I'm excited to present a talk by Debasish Ghosh. He's the author of several Manning-published books on the subject of domain modeling, designing DSL's, and functional programming in Scala. Debasish is a brilliant Software Engineer, Lightbend colleague, and friend. This talk will be remote, broadcasted, and recorded directly from India. Debasish has generously offered to deliver it live to us in Toronto, despite the huge inconvenience in time zones, thank you!

YouTube Live link TBD.

Talk: Functional Domain Modeling with Effects

One of the major challenges of keeping a domain model pure and functional is the plethora of side-effects that arise due to interactions of the model with various external services like underlying storage, third party services, other domain services etc. In this talk we will see that using algebraic effects is one way to manage such side-effects.

Composition under effects enable a clean separation between building your abstractions (which is the domain model and is pure) and evaluating them using the runtime (which can be impure). So, in reality the entire program becomes a single pure abstraction that can be reasoned about and composed with other abstractions. You need to submit the program to an interpreter in order to execute it.

Speaker Bio: Debasish Ghosh

Programmer at large. Author: Functional and Reactive Domain Modeling (Manning 2016), DSLs In Action (Manning 2010). Father. Husband. Seinfeld fanboy.


6:30 - Doors Open

6:45 - Local Scala Engineering Shops Hiring Pitch

6:55 - Organizer introduction and talk

7:00 - Functional Domain Modeling with Effects

8:15 - Mingle