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SQL Server's Move to The Cloud

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In 2010, Microsoft decided to jump on the cloud database bandwagon in a major way, by taking their flagship SQL Server and transforming it into a cloud database.

Bruno Denuit-Wojcik was lucky enough to be part of this enterprise from early on and will be sharing with us the challenges that Microsoft encountered, from designing a reliable replication mechanism while still maintaining the fundamental ACID properties of a relational database, to deciding on the best way to integrate with existing cloud technologies.

He will also touch on how his experience with Microsoft compared to his more recent experiences with open-source technologies like MongoDB and RabbitMQ while at Enplug.

About the Speaker:
Bruno Denuit-Wojcik


Prior to his current role at Enplug, Bruno worked for over ten years on database technologies at Microsoft. His career started in SQL Server, focusing on query languages and query optimization. Later, he joined the SQL Azure team, to convert SQL Server into a cloud-based service, where where most of his time was focused on the data replication system.

After a few stints as a consultant at financial firms in London, he moved back to the US to co-found Contur, with the aim to build a smarter email client.

Most recently, he joined Enplug, the next gen interactive billboard startup, as VP of Engineering.

7:00pm, Networking, Drinks & Pizza
7:45pm, Intro + Presentation

8:30pm, Q&A

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