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What is Scampering?
Frolicing in Nature to create better health and well being. Skipping dancing and walking along the ocean shore, wild trail, or even barefoot in the grass at a city park has proven health benefits. Getting outside, walking in places with inspiring views - will refresh and renew your perspective.

What is Scamper?
An Art Yoga Dance Share project. An excuse to get outside to a beautiful location. An opportunity to create awesome content for your instagram etc. An inspiration to connect with the natural world. A way to meet people IRL, do some yoga on the beach, kick the scampering ball, share your artsy craftsys with all the people walking the beach, make some epic photos, dance to the waves, and even splash your feet in the mighty Pacific Ocean.

Who is the Scamp organizing this?
hi - i am the meetup organizer for sf e-commerce (4 years) and sf php (2 years). Not so way back in time - July 2017 - i was severly overweight, run down, and spending way too much time in front of a computer screen. With no plans or goals I started walking around the Presidio, the cliffs above the Pacific ocean, and the beautiful special beaches below. I kept coming back, made some diet changes, and i slowly lost a bunch of weight, gained endurance, and met some amazing people.

The physical benefits of scampering were undeniable. The artistic inspirations led me in entirely new directions. The appreciation for Nature is a strong spiritual support. And then there is the wild joy of running jumping plunging through the surf in harmony with the ocean waves.

On Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/scamper.life/

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