Canceled Meetup

WED. INDOOR GAME: Drink for 2nd place, $2.00 Credit+Drink for Champion team!

Price: $10.00 /per person
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Hello members,

Back by popular demand! We will have an indoor game every Wednesday at Margate park until outdoor season begins. This court is surrounded by four walls which gives you non- stop action of the game. There are paid parking lots behind the building!

*** To first time players, to ensure attendance, I request that you pay the game fee in advance via Paypal by noon of game-day. Otherwise, you will be removed from the RSVP list. If you do not have a Paypal account, please inform me in advance. My Paypal address is ***

Wear your team color!

Team A (white): Captain:

Team B (Yellow): Captain:

Team C (Red): Captain:

Team D (Blue): Captain:

* Game Format: 5 vs 5, 4-Teams, 1-sub/team, 15 min/game

* Game Schedule: A vs B >> C vs D >> A vs C >> B vs D >> A vs D >> B vs C >> 3rd Place >> Championship

* Play Time: 7:45 to 9:45

* The staff will prepare goals, ball, and scrimmage vests!

* Organizer will assign you to a team. If you want to play with a certain member or members, please mention it on your RSVP space.

* The organizer will also assign a captain to each team and he or she is RESPONSIBLE for smooth transition of subs: each player will be given a number and rotate according to that sequence.

1. No Side & End Line!
2. Only goals scored from within the defending team's half of the field are valid.
3. All kick-offs (initial or following a goal) must be taken from the center mark.

1. Refrain from excessive coaching during the game.
2. Refrain from excessive use of foul language.
3. No fighting, of course.

1. Please be responsible for your RSVP including your guest(s)!
2. No RSVP No Soccer!
3. High school students get $2.00 discount.
4. Please pay BEFORE the game starts.
5. $10.00 penalty for no show, $8.00 penalty after 4PM cancel. $5.00 penalty for between 12pm & 4:00 pm cancel. No contention, no excuse please!

* Attention: Those individuals on the waiting list, to avoid a penalty you should check your RSVP as frequently as possible the afternoon of game day. If you are unable to check your status, remove your name from the waiting list.

* Prize will be awarded only when 4-teams are made.

Thank you,