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SAT. LADIE'S GAME: You play with Women's Soccer Club Chicago!

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Hi Lady Members,

This session is a joint game with Women's Soccer Club Chicago.

We play at the Senn Park which is a all-weather turf field with light. We play during all weather unless there is accumulated snow or thunderstorms.


1. Goal kicks must be taken no more than 5 feet (150 cm) from left, right, or front of goal area.
2. To maintain continuity of the game, no restart occurs as long as the ball rolls no more than a foot (30 cm) or so past the sidelines.
3. All restarts from sidelines are throw-ins.
4. All kick-offs (initial or following a goal) must be taken from the center mark.
5. Only goals scored from within the defending team's half of the field are valid.

* The organizer will assign you to a team and assign a captain for each team. If the organizer ask you to switch teams between games, PLEASE comply as he or she is trying to even the sides for closer competition.


1. Refrain from excessive coaching during the game.
2. Refrain from excessive use of foul language.
3. No fighting, of course

Thank you!



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