WED. TOURNEY: @Senn Park, Turf, $5.00/Ladies, $1 Off RSVP By Tue, 6:30 PM!

This is a past event

27 people went


Hi Players!

This is our regular WEDNESDAY TOURNAMENT: 7 vs 7/1-2 subs, 4-5 teams, or 9 vs 9/2 subs, 2 teams depending on number of players RSVPed. We promote friendly games but serious play.

Pay cash, use Zelle (Chase, Bank of America, Citi, Fifth Third, MB Financial, US, Wells Fargo, Etc.), PayPal, or Venmo for online payment!

Pay to [masked]. Choose send "to friend". If you fail to pay same day you will be penalized $2.00.


TEAM BALANCE: The organizer has authority to balance out teams.

1. Please be responsible for your RSVP including your guest(s)!
2. Please pay BEFORE the game starts, or at least during breaks.
3. If you cancel late 3 hrs before starting time you will be charged half of your game fee, 1 hr before stating time is 2/3 of the full amount, and no show fee is full amount. We have a very lenient late cancellation policy compared to other clubs so simply no contention, no excuse please whether there were spaces are left or you were on the waiting list.

Do not put yourself on the Wait List unless you can frequently check your status (email or Meetup site) up to the time the session starts. If you can't do this, you should remove yourself from the Wait List to avoid getting a "no-show" charge. If you are on the Wait List then the organizers will assume you want to play and will move you to the Attending List if a spot becomes available. Therefore, we assume you will check your playing status frequently.

1. Goal kicks must be taken no more than 5 feet (150 cm) from left, right, or front of goal area.
2. All restarts from sidelines are throw-ins at regular-size fields or kick-ins at small fields (ground ball only).
3. All kick-offs (initial or following a goal) must be taken from the center mark.
4. About Sliding Tackles: A sliding tackle from behind a player and a running tackle are prohibited. However, a standing tackle is allowed. Sliding is also allowed when the ball is clearly not yet in anyone’s possession. Basically, ANY type of sliding that causes another player to fall is a foul.

1. Refrain from excessive coaching during the game.
2. Refrain from excessive use of foul language.
3. No fighting, of course

Thank you!