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Do cultural activities have to be centered on sight or sound? Is it possible to have meaningful cultural experiences that focus on smell? The sense of smell has long been disregarded as one of the lower senses. More recently, however, the cultural and social relevance of the sense of smell is increasingly recognized. A growing number of projects show how scent and olfaction are increasingly the focus of cultural studies, art and design practices, as well as research.

The Scent Art Club ( is a club for people interested in the artistic aspects of scent (aroma, fragrance, perfume, odor, and smell). It offers group activities that explore this new relevant and topical theme while meeting new people. The activities examine the cultural significance and potentials of scent in contemporary life through workshops, readings, discussions, and talks with perfumers, researchers, and scholars; as well as cultural productions, urban interventions, and trips in and around the city of Zurich.

The Scent Art Club is part of Scent Art Net (, which is a platform for different kinds of projects: research, consulting, education and scent design. Its projects capitalize on the interdisciplinary collaboration between management and design research, cultural studies as well as business, artistic and design practice. The platform also includes a website for Scent Art News ( where you can get familiar with and stay updated on the latest artistic olfactory happenings.

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