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Price: £4.00 /per person

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An informal meeting whereby people (can be clairvoyants and non-clairvoyants) meet and have an evening covering:

a) Meditation: Wear comfortable clothing

b) Readings: Worth a try for those who have done it before
c) Psychometry: Read information from objects (please bring along at least two small personal objects) OR Transfiguration: Spirit appearing face appearing over the face of another under a red light.
d) Healing: If you need it
e) General discussion: TBC.

Definition: What are Circles?
Circles meet ups are also another term describing the interactions and communication of two or more inituitives (or psychics), working together to help draw out and develop their abilities. Circles are increasing in popularity because groups are more powerful and have access to deeper sources of knowledge. Often a circle might include a lead person who takes under their wings, novices to guide them in tuning their abilities.

Circles involve daily meditation practices, as meditation is a resourceful key. Begin meditating for 20 to 30 minutes daily, while in a tranquil area. You may include the soft sounds of music, candlelight as well as aromatherapy. You can achieve a much deeper, relaxing meditation session. You will release all negative thoughts, feelings and vibrations, while you meditate. Remember, negativity is non-conductive or true vibrational readings.

Refreshments, desert and supper
Tea (herbal included), coffee and biscuits will be provided and afterwards there is also desert.

The £4 will cover costs of tea and supper etc. In order to ensure those registering do attend and cover costs, I have changed the price to £4, however if you cancel with 24 hours notice, you will be offered a full refund. CONCESSION PRICE is £3 and please email me if you require this price and I will send you details on how to pay this.ost

PLEASE NOTE:If you are unable to pay via paypal, please email me and I will add you as a guest.

The address with Marylebone or Baker Street tubes being close by:


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