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This is a rerun of an event held before held on 7th August. Some of the participants experienced many earthbound spirits moving into the light. Very beautiful experience!

Going to be rerun in Hyde Park and call in all earth bound spirits ... hopefully we can send more messages that will reach many of them within the M25 however some will hear my communication (thought) from all over the world.

I will details of the process will be available at the event and if you want to know before hand, please email me.

Background to the event: I was walking to Paddington Station and happened to go through an underpass. In the underpass, I meet three spirits (young men in their 20s) who had not passed up to the light i.e. earth bound spirits. They knew I sensed them and they followed me. I stopped and talked to them and encouraged them to go to the light ("heaven"). After talking to them, two of them did this easily - the spirit needs to have a positive thought and a belief in the light ... does not need to be significant. However the 3rd guy didnt actually believe in religion so it took sometime to get him to the light ... but the experience was beautiful to say the least. Free to join!