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We are not human beings on a spiritual journey, but spiritual beings on a human journey. While most of us intuitively understand this profound principle, few know how to live it.


We are a non-denominational and non-commercial group dedicated to raising human consciousness and aligning our planet with purpose, joy, love, and service.

The journey to higher consciousness begins with a better worldview. The core problems that afflict our planet – fear, disharmony, confusion, and greed – are manifestations of problematic worldviews. The current prevailing worldviews – Scientific Materialism and Religion – are both inadequate in their own ways. Scientific Materialism sees human life as an accident, thus denying all spiritual phenomena. Religion requires faith in beliefs without offering any framework for validating and refining them, a core limitation that leads to dogma, disharmony, conflict, and violence.

We promote the progressive worldview of Scientific Spirituality, a discipline that seeks to integrate Science and Spirituality in holistic, yet rational ways. Scientific Spirituality leads to an evidence-based model of reality that is open to research and refinement.

Join us in this global effort to transform fear into love, strife into harmony, and suffering into joy.

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Soul lesson: Understanding and Managing Our Power

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Join here: https://youtu.be/062BukntYCE

The spiritual journey begins with the understanding that we are not bodies, but eternal beings experiencing physical reality for growth. This leads us to the most important question about the human journey – what did we come here to learn?

The lessons we came to learn, known as Soul Lessons, have been a subject of research ever since past life regression (and later in-between life regression) became available to us. This webinar series will present the conclusions in a practical framework that can transform our lives.

One of the key Soul Lessons is learning how to use our power while being in the world. When we don't understand this power, we either become slaves to external influences or try to control the world by pursuing external symbols of power. Unfortunately, neither of these approaches serves our soul growth.

Join us to understand the opportunity of claiming our power, and strategies to make sure that we use it for growth. A discussion and a Q&A session will follow the workshop.

About the speaker: Dr. K Narayan has a Ph.D. in Quantum Mechanics. His passion is to integrate ideas from both Science and Spirituality to transform our lives.

This is a free event organized by Practical Spirituality.

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Orientation + Group Meditation + Meet and share (Community event)

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