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Monday Indoor bouldering at The Climbing Academy

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Please let the host know if you are new and need met at the start.

Bouldering is a good way to develop strength, agility and technique. It is also fun!

Lifetime registration at The Climbing Academy is a one off payment of £10. Please read their terms and conditions here ( To save time, you can also print off the registration form and bring it along with you.

Details of TCA can be found here ( All you really need to know is that it's a massive state of the art bouldering venue - probably the biggest in the country. Or in the words of Dave MacLeod, "It’s the best climbing wall I’ve ever been to, worldwide. I’m really chuffed to see climbing walls go to another level. I walked around all after noon repeating inwardly “I wish this was here when I started climbing”. I’m super looking forward to Christmas hols in Glasgow to get a proper feel for the place. It’s just too big to scratch the surface on your first visit. If you haven’t been yet, sort it out!!”

There are plenty of routes for beginners upwards, and many require a bit of thought to work out, making them more interesting (that's why they are called problems rather than routes). There are also clearly labelled circuit boards or varying difficulty, often with over 50 moves, and occasionally over 90 moves on them, to allow you an endurance workout. There are photos of our first meetup here (
Bring a small padlock for the lockers

Where? We'll be at the The Climbing Academy on Portman St. For anyone who's not visited before, you'll find directions on their website here (

How much does it cost? Full details can be found on TCA's website here ( You can also hire rock boots if needed.

Remember, as with any climbing related activity, there is always the potential for injury and you participate at your own risk.