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Discussion on Flashbacks and Other Formatting Dilemmas

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Sometimes it helps to see how other scripts handle certain formatting challenges, like flashbacks. There isn't always one right or wrong way to approach a story element, and looking at various examples can provide inspiration for the approach we want to take.

We will be focusing our discussion on a free eBook provided by Mentorless. The eBook looks at the scripts of various well known films to see how the handle flashbacks, character descriptions, overlapping dialogue, and so on. You can find the eBook by visiting the link below:

You will need to sign up for their free newsletter to get it, but you can always cancel if you don't find it of interest. Trust me on this one: it is worth it.

Feel free to explore other formatting areas of interest mentioned in the eBook and to bring those up in the discussion as well.

Regarding Script Submissions

We will also be discussing up to 4 script submissions of our members. To submit you must have attended at least one prior meeting.

We accept PDF script submissions up to 10 pages. The first 4 people who submit a script sample get added to the queue for the next script evaluation meeting.

The exception is if the submission is less than 8 pages. In that case, the longer scripts will take priority.

Unless you request otherwise, your submission will be sent to anyone who RSVPs for the next meeting. You may request that the script not be sent to new members without your approval, but beyond that anyone who has attended at least one meeting and RSVPs for the upcoming meeting will receive the submissions without additional approval.

If you don't have the email for submissions, message one of the organizers.