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Scrum and Wine - July Meetup! In-Person

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Sherman G. and Marge T.
Scrum and Wine - July Meetup! In-Person


It’s time to pitch your topic, share new ideas, gain insights from others, engage in deep dive discussions, and perfect your speaking.
Scrum and Wine’s Open space will consist of:

  • Open the Space: What is Open Space? Let’s get started
  • Topic Ideation: Gather your thoughts, craft your pitch, choose an Open Space time slot (20,30, or 40 minutes)
  • Pitch Time: Promote your topic for others to join your Open Space
  • Breakout Time: Topic presenters host their breakout
  • Closing the Space: What amazing things happened?

Various scenario’s will be introduced, where you get to work with other Scrum and Wine aficionados. Whatever happens is what is meant to happen!
Relax with your Agile and Scrum Peers Online

Grab your drink and kick back with our Agile and Scrum community on Zoom for open discussion and networking!

Your Drink
Let’s support local! Bring a drink from a local business and share with us why you love them. Doesn’t have to be wine…beer? coffee? smoothie?

Your Relaxing Place
Pick up your laptop, turn on your web camera, and take us with you to the place in your home where you like to relax. Maybe it’s your couch? At your pool table? Or on your back patio?

Together, let’s pick topics for sharing, deep dive discussions, learning, ideas, and coaching.

Looking forward to connecting with you from the bar in my home!

  • Sherman

Q. How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Q. Can I claim SEUs (Scrum Education Units)?
A. Yes, you may claim 2 SEUs for attending.

Scrum and Wine
Scrum and Wine
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144 Linden Ave · Long Beach, CA
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