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This excellent-condition DUI drysuit could be yours!

UP FOR GRABS: Used DUI CF 200 drysuit.

SIZE: Small/medium. The last woman to own it was 5'4" and 110 lb. ( Probably a few inches and pounds leeway possible either way.)

TICKET COST: $5.55 per ticket. 1-5 tickets possible on this page. (More available with an additional Paypal payment made using our email address of . Make sure to put a note in the transaction stating what payment is for. )

Although a used suit, the seals appear unused & uncut. Bonus! Zipper looks quite good. The bottoms of the boots appear pristine as well.

More pictures of the drysuit can be found on the Power Scuba FaceBook page:

Thanks to members Danny and Caprice for the donation!

Good luck!
All drawing ticket sales are considered a donation to the group and are final and non-refundable. Receipt available on request.

No assertion is made concerning the waterproof integrity of the suit. No testing has been performed on it to ascertain its waterproof ability.

Winner assumes all risk and liability associated with taking ownership of this suit. Furthermore, by taking ownership of this suit, winner releases and holds harmless Power Scuba and it's staff from all liability and responsibility concerning this drysuit. Winner (and heirs and assigns) agrees not to sue or hold Power Scuba legally liable in regards to this drysuit.

Winner further asserts they currently hold proper certifications for using a drysuit or will complete proper certifications before using this drysuit.

Power Scuba: San Diego Scuba Diving (and Beyond)
Power Scuba: San Diego Scuba Diving (and Beyond)
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