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Pre-Certification Dive Orientation

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Pre-Dive Orientation and Academic Review

This is a REQUIRED session for anyone planning on doing the certification dives this weekend.

At the orientation we will cover the following:

Review the SCUBA Academics. Prior to Thursday, Online Students; printout the detailed report of your academics. Review each question and initial next to each correct answer.

Dive Planning: Printout at least 2 Dive Planners ( to bring them with you. You will need an additional four for

Dutch Springs.Equipment Requirements: Prior to Thursday; Printout the Equipment ( Checklist ( Check off all the items you already have and bring the list and equipment with you. We will review what you have and complete the list as needed.

Dive Location Briefing: We will discuss, the How, What, When and Where for the weekend.

If you have any questions at all, please contact me at the shop.


Get here extra early to pick up any required or additional equipment you might need for the dives. You should review the equipment checklist.

Finally! Certification Dives are just a few days away.

Before getting certified every diver must come in and review their completed academics with the instructor.

Bring your completed the SDI academics. Online students must. printout a detailed report which shows the question and correct answers, bring this to class.

Students who have completed the CD-ROM version of the course, Printout the completed Knowledge Sections 1 thru 5 and bring them with you.

Using Dive Computers;

To help familiarize you with how Underwater Dive Computers work, use the following links: Introduction to Dive Computers (§ion=1). (There is a nominal fee) Using an Underwater computer is one of the safest ways to dive today. Computers are relatively inexpensive and very reliable. With the real time information delivered by computer. The tools you need to complete a safe and fun dive are right in your hand. Enroll and complete online course, when finished printout and bring us the results/certificate you can enroll for just $3.99 Introduction to Dive Computers (§ion=1)

Why Buy My Own Equipment? ( Diving more than most other sports requires reliable equipment and instruction on its proper use. Don’t listen to an inexperienced expert or be fooled by the online hype, you get the best gear right here, from the people you can trust.

EQUIPMENT: You are responsible for having all the gear you need to dive this weekend. Arrange equipment rentals with the shop.and pick up any rental equipment you will need. You will be wearing a thicker wetsuit, which you must try on to ensure proper fit. Purchasing Neoprene gloves is also highly recommended. Scuba Gear required for Certification Dives.

Additionally items

SDI Logbook

Planning Slate



• Wetsuit (6mm or 7mm)

• Hood

• Weights and weight belt

• BCD (Buoyancy Compensator Device)

• Regulator

• Dive Computer (Introduction to Dive Computers. Just $3.99) (§ion=1)

• 1 SCUBA Cylinder (renting a 2nd is Highly recommended)

You should reserve your equipment in advance and pick it up before the weekend. You are responsible for transporting all the equipment needed to complete your certification dives.

Call us with any questions. 201.261.8700

Print out a few copies of the dive planner ( to bring with you tonight. Basic OW planner (


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