Combined July Meetup! San Diego useR / Boston useR / South Coast MA useR

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Coast to Coast for this summer meetup! July's meetup will feature 3 useR Groups!

Greater Boston useR:
San Diego useR:
South Coast MA useR:

Talk #1: Andrew Bates, Databases With R:

Using databases directly within R can greatly streamline your workflow. In this talk we will learn how to query databases and return the results as an R data frame. We will show how packages like DBI and dbplyr allow us to use dplyr syntax to run queries against a database and return the results. This allows us to keep our workflow entirely within R, instead of switching contexts between SQL and R. After looking at a few examples, we will cover some tips for incorporating these ideas into our daily work as well as resources for moving beyond the basics.

Talk #2: Asmae Toumi, naniar package:

Asmae Toumi will give a very broad overview of how to leverage the {naniar} package to explore and visualize missing data, identify patterns of missing data, and impute missing data using the {MICE} package.

Talk #3: Amanda Hart, Tips & tricks for making your own R package:

From plotting to analysis, packages are foundational tools for R users. But what happens when there isn’t an existing package to meet your needs? In this talk, we will learn how to take your own code and turn it into a new R package. We will provide simple steps to get started and tips to add features as you become package-building experts.

Talk #4: Juliana Capitanio, Flexdashboards: Using interactive dashboards to create data visualizations

Juliana Capitanio will show us how to use R Markdown to quickly create a dashboard using the flexdashboards package. These dashboards can compile plots, tables, gauges, value boxes, text annotations and maps into various layouts. Dashboard components are responsive and quickly resize to fit mobile devices. Further, we can easily make dashboard elements interactive by using htmlwidgets for R and/or Shiny.