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$Urban Backyard Chickens and Coop Building ($35/$55)

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Learn what it takes to raise chickens in an urban setting. Many San Diego County jurisdictions now favor urban farming, like raising hens. The Poway homeowners have a large property and several flocks of different varieties, including chickens that lay green, blue and purple eggs - Rhodebars and white Legbar, Croad Langshans.
She may have some of these specialty chicks, pullets, or hens for sale at the event if you are interested in having colored eggs.
Benefits from raising hens:
- Chickens eat bugs and weeds in your garden
- Chickens produce high nitrogen fertilizer
- Chickens produce beautiful and delicious eggs

During this Sage Ladies Workshop
- Learn to raise chickens organically
- Learn about coops and housing
- Learn about feeding chickens

Raising Backyard Chickens is a 2 hours workshop.
Course fee: $35 workshop fee includes lecture and handling hens.

Course Content:
An overview of raising chickens in an urban yard, including explanations about:
- local laws and codes
- needs and requirements of chickens
- building a chicken coop
- proper feed for the birds
- care and feeding of urban chickens
- what to do with a sick chicken
- use of chicken poop in the garden

Attendees will be able to know and understand:
- the principles of raising backyard chickens
- problems that can arise and what to do about them
- how to effectively keep chickens and their benefits
- resources and available next steps

Hands-on Lab: Building a Chicken Tractor

The Sage Ladies are offering a special hands-on lab. Following the Raising Backyard Chickens Lecture is a hands-on lab where participants will work together and assemble a number of chicken tractors. The tractors will be constructed from repurposed materials. Everyone will have the opportunity to use shovels, hammers, drills, screwdrivers, and to do some actual construction.

Field experience will include site assessment, site preparation, reviewing pre-assembled parts, discussing final coop features, and construction.

A pot-luck lunch between 11:00 and 12:00 PM will be offered to attendees staying for the afternoon coop-building Lab..

Participants are required to attend the morning Raising Backyard Chickens Workshop prior to participating in this lab activity.
Lab fee: $15.00

NEW! $75 fee for 2 people from the same household registering together in both Raising Backyard Chickens Workshop & the Coop Construction Lab. Registration must be completed prior to the workshop date.
Lab description:
Participants will assemble 3 or more chicken tractors from pre-assembled, reused materials. Participants are encouraged to bring their own tools, work gloves, protective eye-wear, and work clothes. Participants will be using screwdrivers, paint brushes, shovels, and their own common-sense.

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