• Celebrate Native Bees, Music and Nature
    Join us at the SoloBee native bee shelter woodshop for a day of music and fun. Native bees need our help and we are sharing tips on how to create a habitat and home for our precious native bees. Native bees live alone, rarely sting and live in a tiny wooden house. Stop by to meet other nature lovers, hear some local music and purchase an artisan bee shelter and become a SoloBeeKeeper.

    SoloBee Workshop

    7936 Lester Ave. · Lemon Grove, ca

  • Fall Potluck and Skill Share
    Hello Community Gardeners, with over 1,400 members in our group, it is time we meet up to share a delicious, organic, homegrown meal and share your skills or secret to a green healthy life. Bring a homegrown dish to share. If you do not have a garden, we would love to have someone bring iced tea or lemonade. The location has a grill and picnic tables. If you are cooking, bring charcoal or a sun oven. Everyone will need their own a plate, cup and utensils. SKILL SHARE- if you would like to show others a skill related to growing food or green living, please write in the response section what you will be teaching. You will need to bring all the materials for your demo, so let us know what you will demo so we can look forward to it. The location is a beautiful area next to the water. It is inside Liberty Station, a former Naval Training Station that is now filled with cafes, shops, museums and a public market. Parking is free in the Ace Hardware Lot, then walk north toward the water.

    Liberty Station

    2700 Chauncey road · San Diego, CA

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  • $ Soil Searching - Over Craft Coffee and Into Craft Compost
    Come with us on this incredible journey through the microscope into the fascinating world of bacteria and fungi that grow us our food. We will learn the basics of a healthy soil-food-web and then use the microscope to take a tiny glimpse into this massive universe that exists right under our feet. Proceeds support Food2Soil's soil life awareness and education program. Venue: Achilles Coffee Roasters - 703 Ash Sreet, San Diego, CA 92101. Event starts promptly at 1p.m. Coffee and selected menu items will be served by the artsy baristas at Achilles Coffee Roasters. Background image : Healthy saprophytic fungal hyphae which bind soil and increase its water holding capacity. Register at Eventbrite https://www.eventbrite.com/e/soil-searching-over-craft-coffee-and-into-craft-compost-tickets-44567313033

    Achilles Coffee Roasters

    703 Ash Street · San Diego, ca

  • Native Bee Presentation & SoloBee Holiday Open House and Sale
    Solitary native bees will increase crop yields, are safe around children and require very little time to maintain. Of the 20,000 species of bees on the planet, only seven are honey bees, the other bees are solitary native bees. Bees are a keystone species found all over the world, but with habitat loss and pesticide use they are in decline and need our help. Our mission is to educate the community on simple steps we can all take to help save the bees and grow more food. In this presentation you will learn: -what is a solitary native bee? -where do they live? -what do they need? -if they don't make honey, why are they so important? The presentation is in a workshop where we build SoloBee native bee shelters. Our shelters and books will be available for purchase. PRESENTATION - 11AM. Fee $10. OPEN HOUSE - 12noon-3pm.. REGISTER AT: https://www.solobee.com/store/p22/Solitary_Native_Bee_Lecture_and_Sale.html

    SoloBee Workshop

    7936 Lester Ave. · Lemon Grove, ca

  • Earn an income while growing soil (composting) for your community
    This is a 3.5 hour workshop designed for those interested in earning an income while growing soil for their local community. You will learn how to start and manage a composting program for a community garden, school, residential or office campus. We will cover the boundaries established by state and local laws, how to manage a large stream of scraps efficiently and how to operate the program so it generates income for those involved. Food2Soil is a growing network of soil-growers supported by a common infrastructure, know-how and toolkit so they can grow soil successfully for their communities. Network with other entrepreneurs and innovators interested in tackling soil health and climate change by transforming waste into resources and opportunities for their local communities. Workshop fee $75. Register at http://www.inikasmallearth.org/workshops.html Topics 1. State and Local Regulations for Collection, Transporting and Composting Foodscraps 2. Logistics of Collection - Containers, Traceability, Contamination, Cleanliness 3. Costs and Constraints of Transportation 4. Composting Process - Operationally Efficent and Financially Sound 5. Regulations in Sale of Finished Product 6. Understanding Soil Tests 6. Income Statement and Business Plan 7. Using Food2Soil's Compost Tracker 8. Potential Value Adds - Worms, Events, Team Building Experiences

    Christ Lutheran Church

    4761 Cass Street · Pacific Beach, CA

  • $Gardening 101 - Vegetable Gardening
    Victory Gardens of San Diego is offering a 3-part class, held Saturdays from 9AM-1PM in Mira Mesa Area Dates - May 6, 13, 20 three Saturdays in a row Cost: $100 RSVP - only 15 spots Register at http://www.victorygardenssandiego.com/#RSVP Class offers hands-on instruction to teach the fundamental concepts for growing food where you live. The classes are given throughout the year at different locations throughout the San Diego Urban Region. All classes are hands on, meaning that you will be getting your hands in the dirt. Class topics include: -Natural ways to eliminate your existing lawn -Soil Amendment -Bed Preparation and Soil Awareness -Plant Selection -Planting, Maintaining and Harvesting your Garden -Irrigation -Composting -How to Prepare and Eat your Harvest! Class Information: Class size is limited to ensure maximum participation. Acceptance into the class is on a first paid/first served basis. These classes take place at private homes, schools, workplaces, and organization sites throughout the region.

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  • $ Solitary Native Bee Presentation
    Learn about the secret life of these gentle bees. Native bee live alone, rarely sting and are expert pollinators. Increase crop yields by providing flowers and plants that attract these bees. Come and learn how you can help the bees. Register at http://thegarden.org/ or on site. $10.

    The Water Conservation Garden

    12122 Cuyamaca College Dr W (Next to Cuyamaca College) · El Cajon, CA

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  • Soil Shindig (Free Event!)
    The second Soil Shindig returns to the Tijuana River Valley! Hosted by Suzie's Farm, Wild Willow Farm, and the Resource Conservation District. Soil workshops, lunchtime panel discussion, and seed exchange. Learn More Here: http://www.sandiegoroots.org/shindig/

    Wild Willow Farm

    2550 Sunset Avenue · San Diego, CA

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  • Exploring Deep Water Culture Hydroponics
    Must Register, See Below During this Dynamic, Hands On workshop, you will learn the principles of applying hydroponics deep water culture as a fun and easy sustainable gardening method. As one of the most widely used, and productive techniques, you will discover various ways to construct both passive and active systems, then, set up your own deep water culture garden with seasonal veggies and herbs. Cost: SDBG Members $80, non-members $96 (Includes all materials, plants) Registration required. Visit www.sdbgarden.org (http://www.sdbgarden.org/) or call 760/[masked] x206

    San Diego Botanic Garden (Formerly Quail Botanic Gardens)

    230 Quail Gardens Drive · Encinitas, CA

  • Learn how to volunteer at Father Joe's Villages community garden
    I would like to extend this call for volunteers to the group Volunteers needed at Father Joe's Villages community garden. Great progress has been made at the community garden that is utilized as part of the Health and Wellness program for residents and clients at Father Joe's Villages. To continue the progress made in securing funding and improvements in the garden beds, volunteers are needed. St. Details: Community Garden is in a gated urban park comprised of 10 raised beds and several large containers. There has been a strong dedication to organic materials and gardening practices. Volunteer Responsibilites: Vary from daily watering to garden maintenance and care to facilitating the weekly garden group session on Wednesdays at 10am More information: Contact Nate Bazydlo at [masked]. Also there will be a volunteer information session and orientation to the garden on Sat. August 27th at 9am, please RSVP to [masked]

    Location: Jinny Jo Park

    corner of 17st and Commercial · San Diego, CA

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