Evidence-based Change: Mixing Qual. & Quant for Change

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What can the movements of every-day people teach us about public space? How can our ability to understand a system help overcome cognitive biases by reflecting the people in the numbers and the cost of anecdotal evidence? In this meetup, Katrina Johnston-Zimmerman and Ryan Klauder will share how they transform qualitative and quantitative insight into meaningful, evidence-based experiences.

Light refreshments are sponsored by our partners within the Design Research program at Drexel University. The Drexel University Master of Science in Design Research (DSRE) is a two-year program that focuses on combining a transdisciplinary design approach with an intensive research process. This interdisciplinary Master’s program is ideal for design thinkers eager to create solutions for important real-world problems.


Katrina Johnston-Zimmerman

Katrina is a lecturer, researcher, and advocate for humanist cities. She is the Project Manager at the Lindy Institute for Urban Innovation at Drexel University and guest lecturer for the Masters in Urbanism program at the Royal Institute for Technology in Stockholm, Sweden (KTH). As an applied urban anthropologist, her work focuses on human behavior in public space and the relationship between behavior and design. Through the use of “spatial ethnographies”, she utilizes principles of user experience research and design to assess the effectiveness of urban form on the human condition, physically and psychologically. Lectures include instruction on qualitative research methods, observation techniques, survey research, and ancient urban history with an emphasis on public space. Previously, she has worked with organizations including Copenhagenize, Project for Public Spaces, and City ID to bring humanist philosophy into city planning and design. She is the co-founder of the Women Led Cities Initiative, a Philadelphia based series of working conferences aiming to explore and advocate for the role of women in urbanism. Her work can be found in popular contexts such as Next City, as well as academic journals including Urban Geography and the Journal of Urbanism.

Ryan Klauder

Ryan is a thinker, tinkerer, and problem solver. He is currently a Business Intelligence Analyst at iCIMS, a best-of-breed SaaS company that focuses on creating user-friendly end-to-end talent acquisition technology. Having a keen interest in data and process design early in his career, Ryan has brought classification and data models to small, medium, and enterprise companies. These robust business analyses have resulted in product cost savings, inventory cost reductions, workforce strategies, and other process improvements to support strategic decision-making. He is a strong advocate for 'data-first' problem-solving but also emphasizes relationship building to understand human behavior. Ryan's approach has enabled him to build operational road-maps and present future-state designs to senior leaders. In his spare time, Ryan is an avid home-brewer and avid podcast-listener.


6:00-6:30 Networking
6:30-7:30 Presentations
7:30-8:00 Wrap up & more networking