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Last Beach Meetup Bonfire/potluck
Time for the annual Shiba bonfire/picnic/potluck. Bring your shibas favorite beach toy to toss in the bay, Please bring a main dish or dessert I will provide the wood, drinks, as well as picnic items. Can anyono lives in the area/nearby possibly reserve a pitt until i get there in the afternoon? Any questions do not hesitate to call me at[masked]

Crown Point - Mission Bay

Crown Point Drive · San Diego, CA

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The San Diego Shiba Inu Meetup is a play-date and information sharing meetup.

Utilizing our events as well as message board, we hope to enrich the lives of our pups and share Shiba knowledge.

We also hope our members feel free to make meetup suggestions for items ranging from play-date venues to meetup activities as well as have a wonderful time participating in our events.

We enthusiastically welcome potential Shiba owners who want to come to the meetups and spend some time with Shibas. We encourage potential owners to do their research before getting a Shiba, as they can be very challenging for new dog owners.

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If you are looking for a new Shiba to add to your pack, please consider adopting a rescue dog first.

San Diego Shiba Inu Meetup Group Rules:

At Meetups:
Dogs attending meetups must be fully vaccinated with a current rabies certificate, DHPP and bordetella shots.
They should preferably be spayed/neutered (if not, please use good judgment with regards to your dog's behavior.)
Do not bring your dog if she is in heat, or if he/she has diahrrea (or is otherwise sick).
Snarky dogs and dogs picking fights will be asked to leave the dog park.
Owners must be in full control of their dogs at all times.
Always clean up after your dog. Please always bring doggy pick up bags for your dog(s) and pick up after your dog. Not all places will have pick up bags for you.
Please ask the dog's owner before giving out treats. Many dogs have allergies that you may not be aware of.
Meetups are organized by volunteers, and nobody is compensated for organizing. We do it for the fun of it!

Posting on the site:
Avoid offensive or abusive language.
No spamming.
Our meetup group does not support backyard breeders or puppy mills. Do not post puppies for sale or breeding/stud requests on this site. If you encounter such a post please contact an organizer or assistant organizer.
Please remain an active member by participating in message board discussions as well as meetup events. Inactive members may be removed. (They may rejoin at any time.)
If you feel something inappropriate has been posted contact an organizer (or assistant organizer) immediately.

These rules have been adopted from the Los Angeles/Orange County Shiba Inu Meetup Group. The rules are originally from the Toronto Shiba Inu Meeup Group.

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