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San Diego Transhumanists is a place for forward-thinking individuals, whether or not they identify as transhumanists, singularitarians, skeptics, futurists or any other label. All reason-responsive people are welcome. The aim of the group is to foster a community of intellectual and personal growth for its members. The following topics are of particular relevance:

1) Discussing the future of humanity and sentient life.

2) Developing a broader awareness of the current state of the world, and where it's most likely to go, using whatever data we can, and making the most rational predictions for the future.

3) What kinds of moral, sociocultural, economic, or political changes should be expected if we transform into a civilization that embraces deliberate enhancement?

3) What methods of self-enhancement are possible now? What types of enhancements should we expect next, and how soon?

4) Is there a good argument for conserving the human state as it is right now? Are there paths into the future that are more "right" than others?

5) General philosophy/science/tech discussions are encouraged as well.

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