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Seacoast Photographers Wine 'n' Watch

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Seacoast Photographers Wine 'n' Watch


Wine and Watch
This year, the normal meeting date (the third Thursday of December) is too close to a major travel holiday to expect anyone to show, so instead we're going to throw ourselves a little party and movie night.

Please bring a snack, appetizer, wine, beer, and/or soft drinks to have and share. We have a small microwave, but no oven. I will bring plates, utensils, cups, salt, and ice, and we have a big fridge to keep beverages cool.

Wine and Watch
I won't disclose the movie (subtle hints excepted) but it's an important and inspiring one for photographers that you'll be glad to see or, if you've seen it already once or twice, will want to see again.

To help offset some of the costs of the conference room rental, movie rental, and party goods, I'll leave a hat for small cash donations just like in the old days. With time and luck, I'll get an electronic tip jar set up here.

Contributions are appreciated, but you should feel absolutely no obligation to contribute - it's much more important that you come and enjoy the night with a truly outstanding and fun group of people.

Monthly Challenge:
There is no monthly challenge for tonight. The current monthly challenge theme, Long Exposure, will end and be shown at the February Monthly Meeting.

Upload photos at - an upload site for Seacoast Photographers' challenges. If you already have an account, login and add your photos. If you haven't created an account there yet, click the "Request Invite" button, add your name and email, choose a password, and you can then upload your photos.

We will meet at the COVE Workspace in Portsmouth. Park at a metered street space, grab a spot in the parking lot across the street, or park indoors in the new Foundry Parking Garage just a block away. The Foundry garage is the best bet for parking in downtown Portsmouth during the holiday season.

Come in the COVE front door on Maplewood Ave - someone will be in the lobby immediately upon entering. Please arrive promptly by 6:30p, 6:45p at the very latest as the front doors will be locked and we will have moved away from the front lobby by 6:45p.

If you know you'll be late, please notify me via this website well before the start time so we can have someone let you in at your arrival.

Anything photography- or photographer-related is fair game.

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Seacoast Photographers Group
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