What we're about

We are a Seattle/Bellevue-based meetup group for users and developers of Apache Flink, an open-source stream processing framework for distributed, high-performing, always-available, and accurate data streaming applications.

We are aiming at helping each other learn more about Apache Flink, sharing knowledge and best practices of developing and running Flink applications, exposing more users to Flink, and expanding Apache Flink’s impact in the local tech community.

Our Seattle Apache Flink Meetup page is sponsored by dataArtisans.

Our co-hosts are:

• Fabian Hueske, Co-Founder of dataArtisans and PMC of Apache Flink

• Haitao Wang, Senior Staff Engineer at Alibaba

• Bowen Li

Schedule: We plan to have meetups every two months. Each meetup is usually around 1.5 hours. Food and drinks will be provided.

Location: Location can vary, depending on sponsors. It can be either in Seattle or East Side.


Want to be an Event Sponsor?


We are actively looking for event sponsors!

Sponsor of the meetup is usually a company who uses Flink heavily and would like to share their achievements with Flink with local tech community.


The responsibilities are as simple as being able to provide a space to host about 30~40 people for the meetup, and simple food and drinks for free.

Sponsors do not have to provide speakers or presentations, they can still support our event and gain benefits without appointing employees for presentation.


In return, sponsor usually get better exposure to local tech world, which will improve their tech brand and get help on recruitment by attracting local talents.

Seattle Apache Flink Meetup and dataArtisans will also upload presentation materials like PPT or video (if sponsor can record the presentations) to SlideShare and Youtube for broader sharing.

Sponsor will give the first presentation of the meetup. If we don’t have a second presentation from other individuals, sponsor can give the second presentation as well.


Want to be a Speaker?


If you have Apache Flink ideas, best practices, or use cases to share, contact us so we can discuss your talk for a future meetup!

Local Host/Contact: Bowen Li

Upcoming events (1)

【Alibaba, Google, Uber 】Apache Flink with Hive, Tensorflow, Beam and AthenaX

Welcome to the Apache Flink community! This time we are thrilled to have speakers from Alibaba, Google, and Uber to talk about Apache Flink with Hive, Tensorflow, Beam, and AthenaX. Please share this event with your friends, colleagues, or anyone who is interested in Apache Flink and stream processing! We look forward to seeing you soon! ------------------------------------ DATE: Feb 21, 2019 (Thursday) LOCATION: Google Seattle Lakeside, 837 N 34th St, Seattle, WA 98103. Room: Baseflow ------------------------------------ TALK #1: Integrate Apache Flink with Apache Hive (~30min) Speaker: Xuefu Zhang, Senior Staff Engineer at Alibaba and PMC/Commiter of Apache Hive; Bowen Li, Senior Engineer at Alibaba Abstract: Along with the community's effort, engineers at Alibaba have explored Flink's potential as an execution engine not just for stream processing but also for batch processing. The findings are encouraging, so we have initiated our effort to make Flink's batching capabilities full-fledged, especially in SQL support. While comparing Flink to a mature SQL tool, we identified a major gap: a well integration with Hive ecosystem. This is crucial to the success of Flink SQL and batch processing as more than likely a user has already established a data ecosystem around Hive. Therefore, we have decided to promote a close integration of Flink with Hive ecosystem. In this talk we will outline our proposal and the roadmap, and share our latest development with a demo. ------------------------------------ TALK #2: Tensorflow data preparation on Apache Beam using Portable Flink Runner (~30 min) Speaker: Ankur Goenka, Software Engineer at Google and committer of Apache Beam Speaker Bio: Ankur has been building large scale distributed system through out his career. Lately he has been focusing on building platforms for data processing at scale and currently adding support for Apache Flink to Apache Beam. ------------------------------------ TALK #3: AthenaX: Unified Stream & Batch Processing using SQL at Uber (~30 min) Speaker: Zhenqiu Huang, Senior Software Engineer at Uber's Streaming Processing Team Abstract AthenaX is Uber's streaming analytics platform that enables users to run production-quality, large scale streaming analytics using SQL. It is used by many critical real-time business at Uber. For example, Uber's Risk & Fraud team use it to compute near-realtime features to fight frauds, e.g., payment frauds, account takeover and promotion abuse, and these features will be used for both online and offline model training. AthenaX is built on top of Apache Calcite and Apache Flink's SQL API which unified stream & batch processing. In this talk, we will present the design & architecture of AthenaX, and share our production experience. Speaker Bio: Zhenqiu works on Uber's Unified SQL-based stream analytics engine AthenaX which is currently powering over 1000+ production real-time data analytics pipelines, and corresponding batch pipelines for adhoc backfill and periodical data quality enhancement. ------------------------------------ AGENDA: - 5:30pm - 6pm Food and networking - 6pm - 6:10pm Meetup introduction and Flink's community status update, by Bowen - 6:10pm - 7:45pm Three talks, ~30min each EVENT SPONSOR this time: Google Food and drinks will be provided. TRANSPORTATION: Taking public transportations would be convenient. There're also street parking spots. ************** ************** If you are interested in giving talks or sponsoring our next event, please contact @Bowen. ************** **************

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