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We will be attending a free advanced showing of Rush at the Pacific Place Cinema (downtown Seattle). An article in Entertainment Weekly interviews the director, Ron Howard:

The year, make, and model were quite different but Rush filmmaker Ron Howard has felt the rumbling power of iconic cars when it comes to engines of cinema and symbolism. It was 40 years ago this summer that one of the ultimate automobile movies, American Graffiti, rumbled into box office history and steered Howard toward television and Happy Days.

Howard is a two-time Oscar-winning filmmaker and with Rush (featured in the first-look poster above with star Chris Hemsworth) and its fact-based tale of Formula One racing rivalry in 1976 he found himself feeling like he was covering some familiar road — but it wasn't films about wheels on asphalt that hit close to home.

"People ask what has Rush been like and I say from a filmmaking standpoint it’s been kind of like a cross between Apollo 13 and Backdraft," says Howard, who other films include The DaVinci Code, Splash, and A Beautiful Mind. "In the case of Apollo 13, that's for the complexity and the authenticity and the intent to capture an era and an endeavor that blends technology, action and danger."

Howard added a hairpin segue: "But, then speaking of danger, it reminds me of Backdraft because those fires scared me and so did shooting racing action in this film. I was happy when we wrapped Backdraft and frankly it was the same reaction this time. The relief of it, I was just as happy when we wrapped Rush."

Rotten Tomatoes has a link to the trailer the review page. Right now critics have given it 89% on the tomatometer.

Preview of Rush - trailer

We will be attending the showing that starts at 7:00. Admission to this showing is free, and our group will be admitted ahead of everyone else. We have guaranteed seats. Please read the following directions so you understand how this will work:

The thirty guaranteed seats will be distributed by signing up for this event on a first-come first-served basis. If you end up as one of the thirty "finalists" you will get guaranteed admission if you show up no later than 6:00 outside of the Pacific Place Cinemas. Please show up earlier if you can since I have a large number of people to check-in. When you meet me I will give you a name tag which you will need to show me when we enter the theater. Please note that if you are a no-show or cancel at the last minute you will not be eligible for free preview showings in the future though you are still welcome to participate in any other cinema club meetup. Persons who had spots to past free preview showings or showings at George's home or a reservation to the Academy Awards viewing party and who did not show up will have their name removed from the "attending" list; we have your names. You can only sign up for yourself; the "guest" option has been turned off. If another person shows up with you he or she might get admitted once everyone with an RSVP and anyone on the waiting list who shows up on a speculation basis has been admitted.

Our group will be admitted to the theater around 6:15 so if you arrive after that time there will be no way that I can have you admitted or pass a general admission ticket to you (which I don't have anyway).

Meet me near the box office of the Pacific Place Cinema. I am redhead and will be with a tall guy with glasses (my husband Steve). There is a head shot of me in the photo section of my profile so you can see for whom to look. My cell phone, 206-390-7912, will be on until 6:15 or thereabouts. Do not post a comment on the web site to say you can not make it - I will not see these. If you can't make it, please cancel your RSVP before Tuesday at 9 pm when I will be printing the name tags.

There will be an optional food and beverage stop at the conclusion of the film.
Note: conclusion means after all of the credits have rolled by. Meet me just outside of the theater near the box office. If you use the restroom notify someone so that we do not leave without you.

Jennifer Schonberger

Added by George Liu on Monday, September 23 in the evening:

This is my rationale for using's “manual reservation” option immediately before an event:

From time to time the Seattle Cinema Club will receive a block of seats for a free preview showing of a film. These seats are provided by a public relations company working on behalf of a major movie studio, and one of the company's objectives is to fill the screening room. The general admission tickets which other folks get through various sources include text stating that the venue will be overbooked and that possession of a ticket goes not guarantee admission. At the “Captain Phillips” preview there was not a single empty seat and some folks with general admission tickets were turned away. At one of the very first film meetups with free admission that I hosted (“Black Swan”) over 200 people were turned away.

Our group is privileged to get guaranteed seats so long as the participants show up by the stated time. I will not accept free admission to a screening unless this condition is met. It is my objective to help the PR company in turn by bringing as many folks as possible within the stated limit. My target to is have 90%+ participation. My fear this that we will not be offered admission to future preview showings if this level of participation drops. There is a story behind this statement which I do not want to get into here other than to say that I organized a fully booked event which had a turnout lower than 70% and I never received another invitation from the sponsor.

Presently I use's “automatic reservation” system up until about two days before the event. This is the system that automatically takes the top person on the waiting list to fill a cancellation. Then two days before the event I switch to the manual system. This is done because I have seen too many instances where someone is moved from the waiting list to the attending list and does not show up. Sometimes they offer an excuse along the lines of “I was on the waiting list so long that I gave up hope of being able to attend so I made other plans – sorry for not letting you know” or “I didn't read my email or check the RSVP list until after the event” or “I don't know how to cancel my reservation”..... So with the manual system when there is a cancellation an email is sent to everyone on the waiting list, and the first person who knows that he or she can attend this event and claims the spot will be added to attending list and the number of available spots is set to 0 (zero). As a matter of fact the replacement does not even have to be the waiting list; the first person who sees that there is an opening and claims it is the person who will attend. It is my feeling that the chances for getting a replacement who will actually show up will result from using the manual reservation system rather than the automatic reservation system.

While it is possible that the top person on the waiting list will be eager to go as late as few hours before the event it is also possible that the #1 person had already made other plans or does not even see the email until it is too late. On the other hand someone who responds at the last minute will most likely show up.

I believe that the greater good of this group – specifically its ability to continue getting invitations to free screenings with guaranteed seats – is better served by initially using the automatic reservation system and then switching to the manual system prior to the event.

The folks at came with the idea of the manual reservation system to deal with a no show problem and I am taking advantage of it.