• Black Velvet Duo live at Engels

    Engel's Pub

    Engel's Pub in Edmonds, is one of my favorite places for live music. A little bit small and divey (in a good way), but nice too and good sound. It's a little off the Main street trendy places too. The first time I went in there, I was blocks away, heard the band playing, and "followed the music" to find them. The music is always great, and I go there often on Wednesday night. But, this week, I'm hoping YOU'LL join me. https://www.engelsbar.com/ This week is the "Black Velvet Duo". ( https://www.blackvelvetduo.com/ ) These guys are really, really good. They get an amazing sound from two people somehow. I saw them a few weeks ago, and was blown away. I was walking on the shore, dropped in there for a quick drink, and they were so good, I stayed until closing. Music is from 8pm-11pm, but we'll get there at 7:30pm to stake out a spot, and perhaps chat a bit before the music starts.

  • Drinks, and Live Music w/ Willow Goodine

    Pacific Room Alki

    My good friend William Goodine, piano player extraordinaire, and keys for the band Swindler, will be playing background music at the new Pacific Room Alki at Alki Beach a week from Saturday. So, I thought it would be good to come out to support him, hear him play piano, and have few drinks. (oh come on.... It's Saturday night. A "few drinks" are already on the docket, aren't they? Might as well do it with fun people and great music ;) Don't know much about the venue, as it's brand new, and I haven't been there yet. And not a lot of info on their website, but the food and drinks look yummy: http://pacificroomalki.com/index.html Willow says his night's playing will be, " Jazzy standards with some other modern music thrown in for fun like Nirvana, Led Zep, and Radiohead. " That sounds fun. And the venue looks great. The only thing needed, is US. So come on out, and meet up!

  • Blue October and Mona at the Showbox!

    Showbox in Seattle

    Hey all! Late notice for a concert here but it will be very worth it! Blue October is in town! Their concert tomorrow night at the Showbox! Doors open at 730pm, show starts at 815pm. If you don't know who they are I encourage you to definitely check them out even if you can't make it tomorrow! Before the show we'll meet just down the road at The Diller Room at 6pm, then walk the couple blocks down to the Showbox. Tickets can be bought online, (https://www.showboxpresents.com/events/detail/369883), or at the door for only $3 more, but it could sell out so snag a ticket now! If you don't know them here's some links to check them out! https://youtu.be/FwZvuV79jeY https://youtu.be/LJ8NRexrvKI They're playing with a band I don't know but I've heard good things; Mona. RSVP soon so we can know if anyone can make it!

  • Ukulele Concert! (then, we'll need some booze)

    Dusty Strings Music Store & School

    That's right, I said it....a Ukulele Concert! Don't worry. It's only 45 mins, and from a professional group, The Luongo Ukulele Experience. Check them out here. They're pretty good https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=The+Luongo+Ukulele+Experience So whether you're looking for the Ol' Uke and Laura thing, a Don Ho, or even a good Pluck, this is for you. I honesty was just browsing the Internet, looking for things to do for this nascent group, and came across this. And even though this is NOT going to be typical Meetup, I knew I just had to make it one for several reasons: 1. It's free 2. It's unique, and it looks like it'd be a hoot 3. There are some great bars within walking distance for afterward 4. It's free So, I figure, meet for the Ukuleles, then walk down to a local bar in Freemont for a quick happy hour drink. Sounds like a plan to me. https://store.dustystrings.com/p-5956-061619-the-luongo-ukulele-experience-in-concert.aspx "The Luongo Ukulele Experience presents a free 45-minute concert and presentation in the store. The ensemble will both perform and demonstrate how ukulele can be maximized for music-making and teaching music literacy. A must for music teachers and any lover of ukulele! Prior to the concert, Peter Luongo, founder of The Luongo Ukulele Experience, will present a free workshop called Leave Your Chord Chart at Home! For more information about the workshop"

  • Wednesday night live music at Engels - New Venture Band!

    *Update* The Band this week is "New Venture". A local Band out of Everett. Engel's Pub in Edmonds, is one of my favorite places for live music. A little bit small and divey (in a good way), but nice too and good sound. Also, it's a little off the Main street trendy places. And, they know music. The first time I went in there, I was blocks away, heard their band, and "followed the music" to find them. I've been there the last 2 weeks, and the bands have been great. They announce the week's bands on their site on Sunday or Monday, so I don't know yet who it will be. I'll update this Meetup when I know, but wanted to get it on the calendar. Because, I'm definitely going. And I hope you will too, so we can share it and make new friends. Music starts at 8pm, but I'll be there at 7:30pm to stake out a spot.

  • Last minute - Wed. night live at Engels!

    Engel's Pub

    I know this is last minute, but Engels in Edmonds has live music every Wednesday night. I've dropped in on a couple of them, and they are always great bands. And this might become a regular thing. So, short notice on this one or not, I hope you can come on out and join me for some great live music! This week is the Nick Mardon Band. I know nothing about them except what I've watched on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=nick+mardon But, they look like the rock! So, I'm definitely going to go up there to check them out. I hope you can come too! Music starts at 8pm, and we'll stake out a spot earlier. Not sure if anyone is coming, so not going to do signs, balloons, etc. If you are going, watch the comments tomorrow on how to find me/us

  • Antibalas w/Unsinkable Heavies and Cochemea at the Nectar Lounge!

    An awesome venue for live funk shows in Seattle, the Nectar Lounge will be hopping for Antibalas, Unsinkable Heavies and Cochemea! Mixing afrobeat, jazz and funk, Antibalas has a unique rootsy vibe. If you're familiar with Polyrhythmics, you'll recognize that the players in Unsinkable Heavies are the group many of the Polyrhythmic members began with. Tickets will be cheaper if you buy now so go ahead and do it! There won't be a lot of space to hang out unless they open the patio section so I'm just going to find space on the right side (when you're facing the stage). I'll try to wear something flashy so y'all can recognize me! Post any questions you have down in the discussion section.

  • First Fridays at LoFi - DJs spin the funk

    LoFi Performance Gallery

    One of my favorite monthly events - old school funk and classic R&B with the Dug djs every First Friday at the LoFi Performance Gallery. Bring your dancing shoes! The cover is $15. Make sure you bring cash!