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Semantic Web 3.0 Meetup for Tech Pros

Join us for a technical conversation about Semantic Web 3.0
WHAT it is, HOW it works and WHY you should care.

Rob Kruse, President of FacetNow, will provide a live demo that highlights the technical capabilities and app development potential of the FacetNow SemWeb Platform™.

When: Wednesday, April 14
Location: Cortona Café, 2425 East Union Street, Seattle, WA (Live meeting capacity: 15)
Virtual via WebEx (Virtual meeting capacity: 20)
Cost: Free. No Host Bar/Food.
Time:Networking – 5:00 - 5:30 pm, Program Presentation - 5:30 - 7:30 pm


I: SemWeb 101
• What it is
• How it is different
• Who is already using it

II: Exponential Revenue Potential of SemWeb
• Best Buy: 30% Improvements
• Melbourne Report: 10X improvement on highly-targeted web traffic.
• Implications for Retailers and the supply chain
• Potential new revenue streams
• LinkedData Discoveries for Catalogs & New Apps

III: FacetNow Capabilities - A Peek Under the Hood
• Current Issue with converting data to SemWeb: It’s labor intensive
• What it involves today: importing data, mechanism to convert to RDF, inference engine to make it meaningful.
• What FacetNow has done/developed to address these issues:
o Ability to easily convert standard, clean data feeds
o Templates to ease the import and convert legacy data sets
o Platform that makes it possible to have RDF data sit side-by-side/behind and existing site making it possible to experiment with SemWeb standards without disrupting front-end
o Platform that combines both logic-based and object-oriented programming to ease the load on developers and increase business agility at the non-technical level

IV: Getting Started
• The hard way or the easy way: The process can be, expensive and resource draining, or more automated depending on your needs.
• FacetNow SemWeb Sandbox™: a live dev environment where organizations can train and experiment with their existing data.
• FacetNow Partner Program

Q&A Discussion

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