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Seattle ReactJS Inaugural Meetup

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Join us on Tuesday, Nov. 18 for Seattle's inaugural React.js meetup - we are looking forward to some interesting discussions, lively debate and sharing ideas. Food and drinks will be sponsored by Avalara (

Here is an outline agenda for our meetup:

6:30-7:00 Food, Drinks & Networking

7:00-8:30 Presentations + Q & A

Join us for an after-party at a local hotspot. TBD

We have some great speakers lined up…

Moving From Ember.js To React

Gordon Hempton ( will be giving a talk on using React inside of an existing Ember.js application. He will discuss the motivations behind the move as well as introduce a project to make such a transition easier: ember-react (

Gordon works at (, uses components with reckless abandon, and is excited about the future of client-side applications.

Backbone.js with React Views - Server Rendering, Virtual DOM and More!

Ryan Roemer ( will discuss moving the view components of a conventional Backbone.js app to React and dive into many of the new and exciting facets of a reactive, virtual DOM-based view layer.

He will review the path leading up to -- a lean, modern MVC app with nifty features like server-side rendering and transparent server/client-side routing.

Ryan is the CTO and co-founder of Formidable Labs, a boutique JavaScript development shop in Seattle, WA. He architects full-stack JavaScript applications and backend Node.js services, and leads development groups ranging from small startups to Fortune 500 engineering teams. Ryan is also the author of Backbone.js Testing (, a comprehensive test development guide for modern JavaScript web applications.

999 Third Ave, 7th floor · Seattle, WA
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