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Shazam! It's SeattleJS time again. Join us next Thursday at EMC in Pioneer Square for a heart-stopping, death-defying, and spell-binding meetup where we'll be learning about about Builder and Serverless. Why are you still reading and not clicking the RSVP button?

Topic 1: Wrangling a Herd of JS Projects with Builder
by Ryan Roemer
@ryan_roemer ( | gh ryan-roemer ( | blog (

abstract:: Modern JavaScript is awesome! And complicated. And a logistical nightmare, especially as the number of repositories in your organization grows.

We have so many tools: ES-next, Babel, Eslint, Istanbul, Mocha, Chai, etc. And if you're using npm workflows (, you have lots of scripts tasks, dependencies, and devDependencies proliferating across your projects.

We have JavaScript fatigue (

In this talk, we'll discuss the fundamental build and development issues facing modern JavaScript. And we'll examine options for managing multiple repositories and development, production and publishing workflows, with a focus on a new tool: builder.

The builder ( project attempts to wrangle one aspect of this chaos - keeping tasks for many, nearly identical projects in sync. Basically, it moves all the build, test, and dev scripts tasks from a project'spackage.json files and to a central source of control.

Using builder, we've been able to coordinate dev, test, and workflows for the ~15 Victory React component ( repositories we maintain at Formidable ( At Walmart Labs, builder controls over 50 repositories, with builder "archetypes" managing Walmart's react components, hapi plugins, Node.js servers, and more.

Ultimately, we've found that you cannot stop the complexity of modern JS, but you can manage and focus it.

bio:: Ryan is the CTO and co-founder of Formidable (, a boutique JavaScript development shop. He organizes the Seattle Node.js Meetup ( and is the author of "Backbone.js Testing" (, a comprehensive test development guide for modern JavaScript web applications.

Ryan architects full-stack JavaScript applications and backend Node.js services, and leads frontend development groups ranging from small startups to Fortune 500 engineering teams. Previously, Ryan was a distributed systems engineer, and in his deep, dark past was a patent attorney, although it has been a long time since he has put on his "lawyer" hat.

Topic 1: JavaScript without Servers
by Aaron Boushley

@boushley ( | gh boushley ( | blog (

abstract:: Amazon Web Services' Lambda and API Gateway enable us to build flexible and scalable Serverless applications. Lambda's event-driven model offers tremendous cost savings and colossal horizontal scaling ability. Serverless is an open source framework that makes working with Lambda and API Gateway easy.

This new way of running services allows you to get started with a simple and cheap infrastructure that scales to serve hundreds or thousands of requests per second without any intervention.

bio:: Aaron is a software engineer that has been working on the web for over ten years. He's used many different frameworks and languages on the server and in the browser. Recently he's been experimenting with and contributing to Serverless.


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