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It's the 2nd Thursday of the month, time to hang out with your fellow web developers!

This month, we will be learning a bit about Speech Recognition and building a drum machine all in the browser!

Topic 1: Speech Recognition in the Browser
by Jakub Jedryszek
@JakubJedryszek (| gh jj09 (

abstract:: Mouse and keyboard are not the only ways how we can communicate with our devices. We already talk to our phones, gaming consoles, and some desktop applications. However, there are very few web applications that understand our speech. The bleeding edge versions of most popular web browsers are starting to support the most natural user input. Let’s take a look at Web Speech API, and learn how to add voice commands to web applications using pure JavaScript. Maybe it would be also worth to respond to users with voice using Web Synthesis API?

What you will learn:

- What is Web Speech API

- How to add speech recognition to website

- What browsers support speech recognition, and to what extent

- How to emit voice with Web Synthesis API

bio:: Jakub Jedryszek works for Microsoft as Software Engineer. Currently he is working on the Azure Portal ( – the largest and most complex Single Page Web Application in the World written in TypeScript. He is a founder of dotNetConfPL ( – online conference for .NET Developers. His blog is at .

Before Microsoft Jakub developed a Model-Driven Development and Verification Approach for Medical Devices, while working for SAnToS Lab ( He was also working as Web Developer for SMT Software (, Division of Communications and Marketing at Kansas State University (, and PGS Software (

Topic 1: Nothing Sounds Quite Like An (ng)808
by Leigh Caplan
@texel ( | gh texel (

abstract:: Do you like JavaScript? How about music? No? Ok, you should leave now.

For the rest of you hi, thanks for sticking around! I've built a fun little sequenced drum machine using Angular 2, TypeScript, and an audio/sequencing library developed at Splice called Shabu-shabu.

In this talk, I'll show you how it works, and point out some of the cool new features of Angular 2 which has just officially gone beta. I'll also show you how TypeScript can make JavaScript even more fun (and safe) for everyone.

Warning: you may be exposed to higher than usual levels to Planet Rock during this presentation.

bio:: My name is Leigh, and I work for Splice. We make tools that help musicians around the world collaborate and stay inspired.

I'm also a musician and DJ myself, but please don't hold that against me.

Music at

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