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Galvanize - Seattle

111 S Jackson St · Seattle, WA

How to find us

See comments day of event for more details. Call or Text Justin at 9044729516 if you have any problems finding the place.

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Welcome to Code Katas hosted @ Galvanize

What are Code Katas?
Code Katas are a fun way to do coding exercises, in *any* language you want. It's a good practice to keep increasing your skills as a coder. You can practice the same kata over and over to continue improving, get feedback from others, and move on to more difficult problems to solve.

This will be a structured event where we will present the kata, and how to practice them, then everyone works to solve the problem on your own computer, get help from neighbors and mentors, and see how others solve the same problem!

What to bring
- something to code on, such as a laptop (wireless internet is available)
- there will be light snacks, and beverages though you may want to bring something more (no alcohol allowed at this venue)
- we will be posting information in our slack channel #katas, so make sure to join, the invite link is at the bottom of
- a positive attitude

5:30 - code ninjas arrive and socialize
5:50 - intro, present format and prep
6:00 - round 1 - warm up
6:30 - round 2 - challenge yourself!
7:30 - round 3 - final round
8:30 - wrap up

About Seattle JS Hackers
We organize coding sessions at venues in Seattle each week. Our sessions encourage peer ideation, knowledge sharing, new champions for causes and projects, and a heightened sense of community. If you have a cool project, work on it with us!

What if I'm a novice?
This is a perfect time to start your code ninja career!

We have a wide range of experience levels, and some of us love to teach (because you usually learn something when you teach, right?) So don't be afraid. Come on over.

Code of Conduct
Seattle JS Hackers is a space for judgement-free learning and collaboration. We seek to support and encourage our members in a positive way; even negative feedback should be offered constructively and with respectful words.

Please feel free to share your experiences with others (e.g., product, company, passion, recruitment opportunity) if asked, but save your sales pitches for other events.

Remember, we are here to grow, learn, hack, and help each other!

Do you want to present some Javascript tools or techniques?
Contact @theRemix or @joshua on our slack channel to get scheduled.

Not in our slack channel yet?
Join the Seattle JS Hackers Slack Group to keep the discussions going!

*** Having trouble getting in? Call or Text Justin at[masked]***