Canceled Meetup

Breaking Bread with Mike


Look for the old hippy van

Join me for evenings of good conversation and a meal (we all bring our own food, we can share.) surrounded by nature. Beginning Feb. 5th and every other Friday. I will be preparing and eating my evening meal at Golden Gardens park in Seattle. I have begun eating a plant based diet and can use any and all advice and suggestions on doing that. This meetup is very informal, there won't be any structure other than the preferred topics of conversation will be mind traveler related (which is a very broad range of subjects) come with knowledge, suggestions, ideas, and questions to share.

I will be doing this rain or shine. There are covered cooking areas which are almost always available this time of year. Don't forget to bring your own fuel for cooking, there are barbeques you can use wood, charcoal or bring a camp stove if you want hot food, which I do suggest as it is a bit chilly at the park this time of year. And don't forget to dress warm

I would really like to make these meetups an opportunity to network with mind travelers and do something proactive about making this meetup group as amazing as the members who make it up. Please do not be shy, This group is only as awesome as it is because of the members who have put themselves out there. I have lots of really cool Ideas for growing this group, but I really need the help of the members for making it actually happen

Peace and Namaste,


See You On Friday