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Set Your Energy for SUCCESS in 2016!

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Q: What's the #1 reason for success or struggles in life?


Your energy fields, generated by your chakras and bordered by what I call your Personal Energy Perimeter (PEP), set you up for success--or struggles--in your work, relationships, finances, and health.

A powerful PEP will:

• deflect harmful energy and people

• filter mixed energies so you stay safe and strong

• magnetize resources, opportunities, and people to help you

• express your true gifts and desires so the Universe can fully support you

And right now, as Mercury Retrograde opens the year, is the BEST time to RE-set your energy fields and PEP, so you can go full speed ahead with clean energy and refreshed relationships after the Retrograde is complete.

This lively, interactive workshop will guide you to:

• sense and re-set your PEP for greatest success this year

• activate a powerful spiritual tool to re-set significant relationships in your life

• discover your OTHER energy fields and boundaries for deeper healing and growth.

Join us and set yourself up to make 2016 your BEST year yet!