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Rappé Ceremony and Workshop

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Rappé Ceremony and Workshop


Rapé is a traditional shamanic plant medicine used in the Amazon for many different purposes. The medicine is a fine powder that is made mostly with mapacho (jungle tobacco) and tree ash. Sometimes there are also other plants used as well. This snuff is made in a sacred manner with prayers and intention and medicine songs - when it is prepared users will blow the powdered snuff into each others noses using blow pipes.

Tobacco is one of the most powerful plant medicines around. Mapacho is a special species of tobacco (nicotiana rustica) that includes no added chemicals or toxins and is much stronger then regular tobacco. When used in a sacred and respectful manner it can inspire great insight and healing in many different ways.

There are many uses for rapé and it is used alongside other plant medicines like Ayahuasca, kambo or San Pedro, as well as on its own. Besides being used in ceremony it is also used recreationally and as a aid for hunting or warfare. We will be practicing the ceremonial use of this medicine.

The effects from rapé can vary greatly. Usually there is an initial burning sensation as it is first blown into the nose - this tests your equanimity and is a chance for you to embrace the initial shock of the medicine and face any fears of unpleasant sensations. Soon the burning turns into very positive feelings and effects. Your sinuses clear, your breath opens up, your senses become more sensitive and aware, you become extremely grounded and focused, all mental chatter is cleared, and there is a deep feeling of inner peace. The medicine also clears out heavy or harmful energies - stress, emotional or traumatic baggage, outside intrusive energies or spirits. It will also help you be more aware of your own energy and you will feel more connected to and aware of your surroundings. Sometimes if you really focus the rapé will even take you on a small inner visionary journey. It is a great aid to meditation or journey work of any kind.

This medicine is not psychoactive, but does alter your consciousness for a short amount of time. You will feel more aware, more peaceful and more open-minded. There is also a pleasant euphoria which can last 30 minutes or even a few hours.

This ceremony and workshop will be facilitated by Travis Bodick. Travis facilitates healing ceremonies and also hosts medicine retreats to Peru and has a deep connection to the rapé medicine. We will start the workshop with a small talk about rapé and the traditional healing practices of the Amazon and Andes, and then we will start the rapé ceremony which will consist of each participant having the opportunity to experience the rapé while Travis also sings some traditional medicine songs to help empower the healing of the snuff. There will most likely be the chance for multiple rounds of rapé if people are interested in trying it a second or third time. Afterwards we might sing some more medicine songs or just hangout and talk about our experiences.

We will also have rapé for sale if you want to take some home.

This workshop is free but donations to help cover the costs of the medicine is greatly appreciated. We will also have rapé available for purchase if you want to take some home with you.

Please park so that we can fit everyones car in the driveway. There is additional street parking up the road from us if needed.

For more info about plant medicines and traditional shamanic practices please come to one of our Plant Medicine Discussion groups or check out our website

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