NorthCreek Sunday PickUp Soccer

Seattle Soccer Club
Seattle Soccer Club
Public group

NorthCreek Sports Field 2

11902 N Creek Pkwy S · Bothell, wa

How to find us

We'll be in Field #2. If it's taken, field #4. If that's taken, then Field #1. Check in that order. Read "Where we play?" section in the description and for maps.

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What time do we play?
Kickoff time is different for Summer and Winter.
Check this schedule OFTEN. It is always subject to change.

Where do we play?
North Creek Sports Fields

It all depends on what field is available that time of the day. Please check these fields in order:
Field 2:
Field 4:
Field 1:

• This is a casual game. Do not criticize others and/or complain if someone doesn't make a good pass, messes up a shot, loses the ball, or whatever. Encourage others or don't say anything at all. We are out there for fun, and we don't keep score.
• Please take it easy. No one wants to get injured during pickup soccer. We don't keep score, so there is no need to be overly aggressive.
• All skill levels are welcome - even those who have never played soccer before. Come and join us if you want to run and have fun.
• No corner kicks. Anything across the end line goes to the defending team.
• No goalies. Someone can stand in the goal and defend, but they cannot use hands.
• Keep contact to a minimum. This is not a tournament game. This is a pickup soccer.
• No slide tackles.
• Self police your fouls. If you foul (usually accidentally), just go ahead and give the ball to the other team. It is okay. Really.
• Again, we don't keep score, but this is how we define a goal: between the cones, doesn't touch a cone, and below somewhere around knee level. Some people say header goals can be higher than knee level and still count. Any goal from over half field does not count.
• If you take a shot at goal and doesn't score, go get the ball please!
But If you score, defending team will get it.
• Each game will be capped at 10x10. New players must start a new game.
• No foul language at another player, no spitting, no fighting. Violating this rule will not be tolerated and offending player will be removed from the group.

What to bring?
Your positive attitude. Really. Please.
White and Dark shirt.
No gray or any other confusing colors. Balance the teams when you come on the field to make it easy, do a count.

For yourself: Shinguard, turf shoes.
For team use: Pop up soccer goals and/or soccer cones & soccer ball.