Thrill Harry Potter Pub Crawl And Wizarding Tournament In Fremont!

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Update: Our meeting time will be 10:00 pm. I will send a private group message to those who rsvp, giving details of our dance location in Fremont & how to find us.

We have been invited to perform at the Harry Potter Pub Crawl And Wizarding Tournament Saturday, October 12th in Fremont! This performance will be in full zombie attire and is for those who already know the routine as all dancers will be in full view. Dancers Only will get in free with wristbands. All non-dancers are required to purchase a ticket. A donation for our performance will be made to our charity, Dauntlez,

This is a public event by Sleepless In Seattle PNW Event Specialists. The event is 4:00 pm to 1:00 am, but our dance time is around 10:00 or 11:00. We will meet at 10:00. (Location to be announced in private message).

Non-Dancers: Tickets can be purchased through
Dancers Only: Dress Code - FZA (Full Zombie Attire)


(For those of you who do not have a Facebook account, the information below is taken from their Facebook page titled Harry Potter Pubcrawl and Wizarding Tournament (location for their posting is The Red Door in Fremont, but that is not where our Thriller group will be performing).

Wizards and witches prepare, muggles beware!

Sleepless in Seattle Events Specialists are bringing you the most immersive, unique, and exclusive Harry Potter pub crawl experience the PNW can conjure!!

So come and experience the magic of Harry Potter's wizarding world in Seattle's backyard at the center of everything! Fremont!

From games, interactives, and trivia, to food...drink specials...Who knows? You may even see a few Auror's fighting off dementors and their deadly kisses!

Prepare for a night of magic!

Students will begin their evening with registration outside of The Red Door available 4 pm to 7 pm.

The Sorting will begin promptly at 7 pm.

It is very important that students arrive on time to ensure they get sorted into their desired houses.

Upon being sorted, each student will receive their very own:
House Robes
Magic Wand
Matching House Scarf
Event Wristband

And now the night begins!

Our event will take us to multiple destinations as the maurader's map has revealed them to us! Each location (or on the way too:) ) will have challenges, trivia, and prizes! Some prizes are awarded per challenge, others are awarded based on the Hogwarts house points system! May the best house win!

Pub crawl locations include (but are subject to change:
The Red Door
Bar House
Red Star Taco Bar
Norm's Eatery / The Backdoor
The George and Dragon Pub

Included in the price of your ticket: Your set of house robes to represent your desired Hogwarts house, your magic wand, matching house scarf, event wristband, drink specials at every venue throughout the night, prizes, and...Food!

We will have food at our first, third, and fifth locations to help you absorb all the butterbeer and polyjuice potions being passed around!

Sleepless in Seattle Event Specialists are happy to bring this event to the greater Seattle area, so whether by Floo Powder, Portkey, Ford Angilia, Apparation, or Firebolt, we look forward to sharing the celebration and magic on this enchanted evening with you!