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Indian Restaurant Month

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Indian Chinese cuisine is the adaptation of Chinese seasoning and cooking ( techniques ( to Indian tastes ( The Indian Chinese cuisine is said to have been developed by the small Chinese community that has lived in Kolkata ( for over a century. Today, the Chinese food has become an integral part of the Indian culinary scene. It is also enjoyed by Indian and Chinese communities in Malaysia (, Singapore ( and North America (

Popular entrees

Chilli Chicken/Beef/Prawn/Fish/Mutton/Vegetables/Paneer

Garlic Chicken/Prawn/Fish/Mutton/Vegetables/Paneer Szechwan Chicken/Prawn/Fish/Mutton/Vegetables/Paneer Ginger ( Chicken/Prawn/Fish/Mutton/Vegetables/Paneer Manchurian Chicken, consisting of chicken with vegetables in a spicy sauce.[5] It is entirely a creation of Chinese restaurants in India, and bears little resemblance to traditional Chinese cuisine ( A popular vegetarian variant replaces chicken with cauliflower and is commonly known as gobi manchurian ( Chowmein A popular dish combining noodles, vegetables, scrambled egg, ginger and garlic, soy sauce, green chili sauce, red chili sauce and vinegar Hong Kong Chicken Lemon ( Chicken/Prawn/Fish Hunan ( Chicken Sweet and Sour Chicken ( (Different from the American Version of Sweet and Sour, but similar to General Tso's Chicken ( Chop suey ( American style & Chinese Style (Crispy Noodles with a variety of vegetables, chicken or meat and sauces.) More information to come....