Past Meetup

Let's go out to dinner and see a movie


It's cold outside so let's do some indoor activities.

Let's have DINNER and go to a MOVIE NIGHT OUT.

Time: 6:30pm

Movie.. SKYFALL (James Bond)

MOVIE Time: 7.50pm on the IMAX

Transit Friendly

Lets go out for dinner and a Movie, who is up for just socializing and watching a fun or scary, or thriller or romantic, or action pact movie????

Are you tired of going out alone, would you like to not be stared at when your eating out alone?

Do you feel like your on display? Who is the crazy adventurous one out there alone?

Well no more I say. Lets take them by storm and go out as a group. Never met who cares it will be fun to meet some cool, adventurous, outside the box people.

**If you buy your ticket before hand. Show it at the restaurant and they will give you 10% off your final bill ..

The Restaurant will be :

Tengu Sushi right across the theaters. This is Kaiten-zushi? Conveyor belt sushi is the popular English translation for Japanese fast-food sushi.

Kaiten-zushi is a sushi restaurant where the plates with the sushi are placed on a rotating conveyor belt that winds through the restaurant and moves past every table and counter seat. Customers may place special orders, but most simply pick their selections from a steady stream of fresh sushi moving along the conveyor belt. The final bill is based on the number and type of plates of the consumed sushi.

THE MOVIE TO BE ANNOUNCED will be at Regal Cinemas - Thornton Place Stadium 14 & IMAX
(right next door)

We will be going to the 7.50pm IMAX movie ..

This should be a fun night.

Carpooling is encouraged and start talking to one another, but this is transit friendly

So start thinking what you want to see and when a month or 3 weeks before the movie lets start VOTING!!

See you out there.. Have fun, be safe.. Questions are encouraged


If you just want to go to the Dinner portion No problem

If you just want to go to the movie no problem..

If you have never had or would like to try Kaiten sushi dishes It's a wonderful dining experience. Please come and join us and meet some new friends.


Good Friends, Good Food, = A Great Time !!

**** PARKING available on the street or parking lot. !!!

**Price will be on what YOU order and includes gratuity making it easy for everyone involved. We will have name tags for all my events. So I get to know your name and makes it easy to mingle. Two no show policy will be applied.

If you do not adhere to any of this please do not attend.

RSVP ETIQUETTE: Since we have limited space I ask that you (and your guest) be considerate of others and commit to your RSVP. Your no-show may prevent someone else from attending and you from attending other limited dinner events like this.